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How long does it take to get abs?

I'm 14 yrs old and i've been playing soccer for all my life, even went to france to play.. anyway its winter now and ive stopped playing. im eating a lot of the bad foods and i kind of have some gut showing now. i heard about p90x, i started that and im on my 8th day, i see some improvements on my arms, not a lot on the legs bcz i alredy have a lot of muscle there, but my abs not so much, i mean u can see the upper abs kind of like a 2 pack, but i want to get rid of my lower ab. Does the ab ripper x workout video takes care of the whole abdominal area INCLUDING lower abs, if so, is it really possible to get your abs ripped in 3 months by doing it 3 times a week??

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    You can get ripped abs real quick. Pablo has abs, even if he can't afford the bowflex.

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    u need to get your bodyfat at 10%OR UNDER before bottom abs a visable

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