So what all happends at MEPS?

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i know the basics i want to know from someone who recently went through it
anything i should do to prepare a bit going wednesday
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So i had the same exact question when i went and this is really what i wanted to hear:(i went couple months ago)
you wake up at like 4:30 am eat breakfast at 5am out by 5:30 at the MEPs station by 6am. then you get briefed on what you are allowed to do and not allowed to do then you start the hurry wait hurry wait process they talk about. you go into a room and they tell you to be completely honest and blah blah... then they give you some paper work to fill out and then once everyone is done you start the test. Hearing, Vision, Blood pressure, blood work, and they have to see you pee in a cup (make sure you do this one i frooze up and i had to go back, it sucked). then after all that all the boys go into one room with the doctor and the girls go to another room with another doc. they make you go down to your panties and bra and they let you wear a little paper cover thing, then you do some stretches, like touch toes, walk on your knees, all that stuff then the last part is you go into a room with a doc (if doc is a male a female nurse will assist your consultation to make sure you feel comfortable) you let him know of any problems, then he checks for lumps then he very very breifly checks the down stairs package. after that you go back to the big room and they weigh you or tape you whichever. then you go back to where you started at the beginning of the day by now they offer you lunch. then you get fingerprinted and they ask you if everything you filled out on your forms are true, then you go back to your recruiter and both of you sit down and talk to a classifier and choose a job, then you choose it sign the contract talk to the high up ppl of the navy there, then you go take your oath. then your done!! you have then become part of the best navy in the world. congrats.

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thanks,, i'll be in the AF
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  • imkopaka answered 6 years ago
    "Hurry up and wait."

    There will be a lot of waiting, and when you arent waiting, you'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

    There will be a piss test with an hour of getting there, so try not to pee when you wake up.

    There will be a breathalizer test before any other tests are given.

    You will get your blood drawn, but just grin and bear it.

    You will be in your boxers with other guys, but again, grin and bear it.

    You will get your junk felt, and you'll bend and spread. Again, grin and bear it.

    They'll feed you, so you dont need to worry about that.

    They have arcade games you can play while waiting, so bring a couple bucks.

    Carefully think about everything you put on paper.

    Do exactly what they tell you. No more, no less.

    DO NOT BRING WEAPONS TO MEPS. I had a pocket knife the first time I went, and was lucky enough to have my recruiter there to put it in his car. There will be security screening of all bags, coats, and people at the door.

    Keep in mind, Im a guy, so these partain to guys. I dont know what a womans physical would entail.

    Hope that helps.


    Joined the Marines, went to MEPS in Seattle, Washington on Dec 27
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  • Melissa answered 6 years ago
    Ok I went through MEPS a few years ago and let me just say that its not as structured as it may seem. The only advice I can give you is don't get toasted (drunk) the night before you have to walk around to every station being checked for health problems. Good luck! and dont stress too much about it!
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  • chevy_jlewis answered 6 years ago
    first of all there are 2 different meps. once to get your job and make sure you are ready to being your dep in the military and another one the day you go to boot camp.

    when i did meps in september i went and took the asvab then i went to the hotel after that and that was pretty nice and had free food and alot of kids my age. they wake you up at 3 and a bus comes and gets you at 4 and then you go to the govt. building and you talk to your liason for your branch. they give you your paper work the recruiter gave them. you then go to a room where someone will talk to you then the doctors talk then you get to take the breathalyzer. then you go to another room with everone else and everyone will take a pee test a blood test hearing and eyes. you just do them randomly when someone else is done in random groups of 4 or 5 people. then after that probably like 8 or 9 by now you go to the doctor. and mine was older than dirt. he obviously had a stroke and was forign and couldnt talk right. he talked to me and asked me questions about injurys and tatoos and drugs. then you go into a room and get to your underwear and walk like a duck and stretch to make sure your body is in proper order. then they do weight and height and then you go see a doctor in your underwear and for guys he tests for hernias or somthing and who knows for the girls( i know the girls they test for pregnancy) then once that is all done you go to your liason and they send you to lunch. when you are done with lunch you go talk to them and get your job and leave date. then after that you go wait some more and swear in and do finger prints. then you wait for your recruiter to bring you home

    this was what i did it might be different for you. i had alot of fun the whole time the hotel was alot alot of fun because you can do what you want with no supervision and you can go wherever you want till whenever you want. the food was good and it was all free. i didnt really remember waiting that much i remember people complaining (i am a negative person and i didnt find it bad at all) i think it was fun and i knew it was the start of the rest of my life.

    have fun and make the most out of a somewhat boring situation


    been there done that
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  • mevadus answered 6 years ago
    Bring what you are told to bring, and do what your recruiter tells you to and you will be fine. Almost everything you do at meps will not be as an individual, it's probably going to be the easiest thing you do for the next 8-12 weeks.
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  • Diana answered 6 years ago
    This may seem useless but the only thing I can tell you is pay attention!! Don't bring any jewelry or entertainment devices (ipod, etc.). Make sure you have some cash on you and ask your recruiter what you should bring with you. Just do what your told.


    Been through it
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  • divineintervener answered 6 years ago
    I went through it recently. icabodwa pretty much explained it. Just follow directions and hurry up and wait. It's not hard and there's really not much to prepare for.
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  • icabod answered 6 years ago
    Listen to what the recruiter tells you to bring. Read the directions. Once at the MEPs keep your head and listen to what your told.

    Weapons, to include knives, and valuables should not be brought. You can always get stuff mailed to you.

    Back in the stone age I was bussed to a town, spent the night in a poor hotel, rode to the MEPs in the morning and spent most of the day in hurry up and wait. Then it was oath and another long bus ride to get to the in processing station. Quite unexciting.
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  • Stripe answered 6 years ago
    Not sure which branch you're going into but here's the Navy's version
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