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In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, my DITTO and EEVEE won't produce an egg?

I put both EEVEE and DITTO in daycare, but no egg! The day care man says "They do't seem to like each other very much"

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    just skip to the bottom to where it says egg groups and see with what other pokemon eevee can mate with, trust me its a lot easier

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    7 years ago

    A Ditto from the same owner as the Eevee will not mate. Especially if you try the Ditto with an Eevee-lution like Glaceon or Leafeon. you will either need a Ditto or an Eevee from another trainer.

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    That is because sometimes pokemon just wont make any eggs. you need either a new ditto or a new eevee then just maybe.

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    some times it takes aloooooooonnngg time to get an egg i had to wait like two to three hour to get an egg when they didn't like each other much so stick with it or try another pokemon

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    Some times it takes a while but over time they will have an egg.

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    try walking maybe.. a lot longer because my pokmon said that and i forgot about them there.. a day later an egg!

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    1 decade ago

    are you sure that one is male and the other is female?

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