Cops issuing speeding tickets..?

my license is going to get suspended unless the cop reduces the points on my ticket since im under 21. any ideas of what I can say to get him to do this for me. i really need my car and i understand the dangers of my actions!!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You don't say what state you are licensed in, but in NY there is no way for the officer to do anything to help reduce the ticket's impact on you after they write it.

    Sounds like you either have other moving violations on your record, or you committed one heck of a big moving violation!

    Plead not guilty, request a little leniency from the court ... and pray! Even though it is slightly humbling and unbecoming of an adult ... begging might be something you could consider.

    Or you could just take your punishment, including the suspended license, like an adult and get on with you life.

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    If you understand the dangers of your actions, then why did you commit them in the first place? Once the issuing officer issues you a ticket for your violation, it will get whatever point value state law dictates. I don't know about your state, but in Alabama, the officer has the discretion to let you off with just a warning.

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    It depends on your state. In Michigan you can requestan informal hearing and talk with the officer before the hearing. If you explain that you are in trouble with points, he may agree to let you plead to a "no point" offense. We use impeding traffic as an alternate charge. The fine is higher but no points. The magistrate will usually go with what the officer recommends. Most officers are reasonable to deal with. If you do get a break......SLOW DOWN and you won't be in this situation again.

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    Police officers cant reduce the number of points on your license or ticket. That is all up to the State Department of Public Safety.

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  • 4 years ago

    LOL, I would give you a vehicle inspection and issue a citation for every violation. Plus give you the ticket for the reason for the stop. Then if the food every came. i would know who called and have the delivery people drop it off at your house. But I would not get mad. I have never. But I have gotten even.

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    The officers don't set the points on a ticket. The court and the state do that.

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    It depends on what state the ticket was issued in and in which local court the ticket is to be heard in. My suggestion is, call the court and ask if they will accommodate a plea reduction, and if so, what is the procedure to obtain the proper paperwork ect...

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  • sher
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    1 decade ago

    If you already have the ticket, it is out of the hands of the officer.

    You can now either hire an attorney or plead your case to the judge.

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    1 decade ago

    It's in your best interest to have no contact with the officer who wrote the citation. If your driving privileges are at stake, consult an attorney experienced in traffic crimes.

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    1 decade ago

    Plead not guilty on the ticket. They will usually offer you a deal to avoid a trial.

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