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Why do christians think the ressurection of Jesus has evidence when they r just using the bible wich is easy??

Ok so there's this whole ressurection "do more research my more research". It's ridiculous. Although my opinion is that Jesus existed and his impact formed the church (therefore yes I am not an idiot atheist who finks the crucifixion never even happened n Jesus is a myth lol) however I know the gospel is about the zodiac (christians please let me know what you think of this video and that u actually deny the facts

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). As I was saying, the resurection is just a part of the scriptures. It's easy to read written words that claim a man rose from the dead 3 days after crucifixion & fink to urself "well maybe he had a coma & woke again" (not that I fink that but sum ppl do!!!) Whats the evidence? Why dont christians look at it from OUTSIDE the bible??? The entire book is nothing but a stupid collection of myths and I have no idea why man has kept it today and finks he knows every last detail of absolute truth lol its delusional. No offense!!


I am not intolerant. When i say no offense, I mean it. Why do any christians believe the disciples died? I know that the BIBLE says so, but where is the source that verifies their sacrifice? God should really have revealed himself in this age where technology, TV and News is all a part of life. Oh and people, please do watch that youtube video

Update 2:

Already ur telling me that i fink he never existed. I state here, if u bother to read, that I KNOW jesus existed. Unlike some I don't take ignorance as bliss...I research religion and history in order to find the Truth.

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    Let me quote you

    "... It's ridiculous.... the gospel is about the zodiac ...The entire book is nothing but a stupid collection... its delusional. "

    Then you say "No offense!!" Just to be more offensive. The world is made terrible by people like you. Forget the stupid argument you make. You are mean, intolerant, and don't even have the courage of your [lack of] conviction !

    NO OFFENSE, as you would say.

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    If there is hard evidence of Jesus' existence, I would like to know what it is. Because I know of no such evidence.

    Meanwhile, someone said people will not die for what they know is a lie. First of all, what DO we know about the deaths of the apostles? Were they indeed martyred for the idea that Jesus rose from the dead? What is the evidence in this case?

    Secondly, are you so sure people will not die for a lie, if they think it is a fantastic lie - a lie that will make the world a better place - a lie worth dying for?

    If you really think that the world would be a better place if people believed a certain lie, and your death would make the lie a whole lot more believable, would you not?

    Besides... people have died for lies. Oh heavens yes. They have cheerfully died for hollow ideals and principles they did not even understand, let alone believe in.

    So I have to dismiss this notion "Jesus HAD to have resurrected, otherwise the disciples would not have died for the idea".

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    There is evidence outside of the Bible. The Book of Mormon prophesies his life, death, and resurrection. And then it records his visit to the people of Zarahemla here in the Americas, after his resurrection.

    The Book of Mormon is an ancient record revealed by an angel to Joseph Smith. He translated it into English with the gift and power of God.

    Nothing worldly can explain the Book of Mormon, or its translation. Natural theories of its origin are easily discounted when viewed in relation to the actual facts. If there was no angel, then why did so many people see him? If Joseph wrote the book, then how did he get a knowledge of ancient Hebrew literary forms like Chiasmus? He was a farm boy with a third-grade education. If there wasn't any real book with gold plates, then why did so many claim to have seen it and thumbed through its pages? None ever denied their testimonies, which can be found in the preface to the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is fiction, then how come archaeologists can use it to follow Lehis journey in the desert, and find the same places that are described in detail in the Book of Mormon? Hugh Nibley said that no man alive at the time of Joseph Smith could have written the first fifty pages of the Book of Mormon. The more one looks at the Book of Mormon, the more one realizes that God has given us a great gift. Now we have two witnesses that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and that he indeed resurrected and appeared to many.

  • 1 decade ago and and This answer contains answers from some of the leading legal minds about the resurrection. Many of these experts such as Simon Greenleaf are experts as to what is and isn't admissable evidence in a courtroom.

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    Because Christians believe the Bible is great: All Scripture is breathed out by way of God and moneymaking for educating, for reproof, for correction, and for coaching in righteousness,that the person of God could also be in a position, ready for each and every well paintings. two Timothy three:sixteen-17 For the phrase of God is residing and lively, sharper than any 2-edged sword, piercing to the department of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the ideas and intentions of the guts. Hebrews four:12

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    Absolutely not, Jesus Christ is a fact a well know fact for that matter. Have you been frozen solid in a cave all these years? There is hard evidence of His existence. Get with the program.

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    People will die for what they think is true; people will not die for what they know is a lie. The first disciples of Jesus (who should know) died for the gospel message.

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    Lectio Divina means "Divine Reading" and refers specifically to a method of Scripture reading practiced by monastics since the beginning of the Church.

    statio (position)

    lectio (reading)

    meditatio (meditation)

    oratio (prayer)

    contemplatio (contemplation)

    collatio (discussion)

    actio (action)

    The classical practice of Lectio Divina--the prayerful reading of the Bible, the book Christians believe to be divinely inspired--is being rediscovered and renewed in our time. At the same time a number of ways of practicing it have sprung up leading to a certain confusion regarding its relationship to the distinct practice of Centering Prayer. A few distinctions may be helpful.

    First of all, we need to distinguish Lectio Divina from Bible study, which is very useful at another time and provides a solid conceptual background for the practice of Lectio Divina.

    Secondly, Lectio Divina is not the same as reading the scriptures for the purpose of private edification, encouragement, or getting acquainted with the many-sided aspects of revelation, and especially with Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. Lectio Divina is rather a way or formula for furthering these objectives.

    Thirdly, Lectio Divina is not the same as spiritual reading, which moves beyond the exclusive reading of sacred scripture to include other spiritual books such as the lives and writings of the saints.

    Finally, Lectio Divina is not the same as praying the scriptures in common, a contemporary development that is sometimes identified with Lectio Divina. The classical practice of Lectio Divina was done in private and consisted in following the movement of the Holy Spirit in regard to the time one might devote to each step of the process, as well as passing from one step to another during the same period of prayer. Following a particular structure, such as is required in all forms of common prayer, tends to limit spontaneity to the movement of the Holy Spirit, which is the heart of the practice.

    LECTIO DIVINA is an ancient spiritual art that is being rediscovered in our day. It is a way of allowing the Scriptures to become again what God intended that they should be - a means of uniting us to God. In lectio divina we discover our own underlying spiritual rhythm. We experience God in a gentle oscillation back and forth between spiritual activity and receptivity, in the movement from practice into contemplation and back again into spiritual practice.

    LECTIO DIVINA teaches us about the God who truly loves us. In lectio divina we dare to believe that our loving God continues to embrace us today. In the word we experience ourselves as personally loved by God; as the recipients of a Word which God gives uniquely to each of us whenever we turn to the Scriptures.

    FINALLY, lectio divina teaches us about ourselves. In lectio divina we discover that there is no place in our hearts, no interior corner or closet that cannot be opened and offered to God. God teaches us in lectio divina what it means to be a royal priesthood - a people called to consecrate all of our memories, our hopes and our dreams to Christ.

  • As a Christian, you should already know that there's no such thing as "just the Bible" to us.

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