What is better? medicare supplement or medicare advantage plan in New Jersey? and why?

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    Neither one is better, it depends upon your situation and budget. You have to weigh the cost and benefits of each. An independent agent that can explain both to you would be the best place to start.

    With a Medicare Supplement you have a higher premium in exchange for little or no out of pocket costs when you use the services. Depending upon your state and the plan, the premium will go up as you get older even if the insurance company doesn't have a rate increase. In reality, rates usually do go up so you've got an age increase on top of a rate increase. You will need a stand alone Part D prescription drug plan since none of the supplements have drug coverage. Most companies do offer a Part D plan but there is no advantage in using the same company for both.

    Medicare Advantage plans have a little or no premium in exchange for small co-pays when you use the benefits. The premium is the same no matter your age. You have a choice, depending upon your location, between an HMO, a PPO, a PFFS, and a MSA. Generally, the lower the premium the less freedom of choice you have for doctors. The HMO and PPO use networks so they are often, but not always, less expensive. Many will have Part D included but you can get plans without drug coverage and get on a stand alone Part D. You'll need to weigh the premium and co-pays of the medication you might be taking.

    The Medicare Advantage plans have benefits that supplements do not have. You qualify for skilled nursing services without a three day hospital stay, you get world wide coverage for the ER and urgent care co-pay, and you get an annual physical. Most supplements do have foreign travel emergency but with a deductible and co-insurance. Supplement Plan J does have limited benefits for an annual physical.

    I can only speak in generalities here since I don't know your situation, but if you are sickly and constantly go to the doctor and into the hospital the Medicare Supplement would be a better choice. If you are in decent to excellent health a Medicare Advantage plan would be your best choice. Again, an independent agent can help you compare the choices.

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    New Jersey has pretty good rates for Medicare Supplement plans depending on your age. The best coverage will be provided through a Medicare Supplement plan but you will need to have a part D plan to go with it since Medicare supplement plans only provide health coverage. Your premiums will be more than $200 per month in addition to your medicarepart b premium but the medicare supplement plan will cover all of the copays

    Medicare Advantage plans are a very good choice in my opinion. I would recommend a PPO plan because these plans allow you to use in or out of network providers. These plans have a much lower monthly premium ($0- $150per month depending on the plan) and many include Part D coverage. Although you will have to pay co-pays you can usually find a good plan and spend much less on Medical care.

    I would recommend visiting the link above to find more specific information.

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    It depends on your income and needs.

    MA(medicare advantage) plan -

    pros: affordable, many plans include prescription plan.

    cons: doesn't cover out-of-network, pre-authorization and so on.

    MEDIGAP (medicare supplement) plan -

    pros: freedom, no network, nation wide coverage

    cons: expensive

    If I have money to afford MEDISUP, I will choose MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLAN J.

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    go to www.wellcarepffs.com these plans are very good and affordable.

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