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I need to find a tableset for my inlaws (both fairly heavy people) and need advice on a good store and set?

First of all, if your here just to be rude, leave. I dont have time for smart *** remarks and nonesense.

I live in massachusetts and would not like to spend a fortune. But, I do need a tableset sturdy enought two hold to people, around 230/240lbs each. The current set I bought for my own home is crap and the chairs are starting to let go when it is only used by myself, husband and 8 year old daughter, and we are slim people, and the set was not cheap in the least.

Can someone reccomend a store and set? If you have a nice one, could you share where it came from and what cost, if you wouldnt mind?



A table set is A table with chairs, obviously.

Update 2:

Thanks everyone else. I think I will look into a table with bench instead. And they do not live with us, but we both need a new set and they have done alot for us, so we would like to get them a new one since they are in need aswell.

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    I have a dining room set from Ethan Allen, but that cost quite a bit, so I would suggest maybe Rotmans? My bedroom set comes from there, and while it isnt super cheap, it isnt the most expensive and Im happy with their furniture and service. Also in mass is Bernie & Phyls, which Ive heard good things about, but, Ive also heard that they are quite pricey.

    I would also suggest not getting a set for heavier people from bobs furniture, they are cheaper sets. But, if you must shop there, stay away from the "Pit" its damaged "goods".

    Source(s): Own Rotmans furniture, know people who have bought a piece of furniture from Bobs Discount Furniture
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    i am not familar with the types of stores in that area. But i would stay away from ikea. Their stuff would more than likely be too small and not sturdy enough to hold that much weight. But just a thought you could try one of those tablesets that have benches instead of chairs! Now your question confused me a little bit.... are they now living with you and thats why you need a new set? Or our they just coming over for dinner? if they were just coming over then you could get a picnic table (long bench seat) or eat picnic style on the ground with a blanket! But I would suggest the bench table set. They are really nice and very roomy for the extra weight, and just about EVERY store sells them!

    hope this helps!

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    she lives in massachusetts people, try reading it.

    LOL @ asking what a table set is. Geez. This is why I dont bother asking questions when the kids have the day off from school.

    like the other person said, rotmans has excellent furniture, but for someone large you are going to want sturdy furniture which will cost you more.

  • I don't know of any places where you live. But it doesn't matter where, it's the quality of it. You're going to need something sturdy and heavy. Something that's 100% wood, no plywood or particle board. The thing is good heavy furniture isn't cheap. I would suggest buying a nice gently used tableset from someone on Craiglist. Go to an estate sale or check your local newspaper.

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    I like in Colorado so Ive never heard of some of the stores suggested, BUT I realy like that bench idea, that would probably be perfect. And since your table sounds like it needs to be replaced to, maybe you could get one for yourself too.. and like the other answerer said.. if they come over, your "chairs" will be fine. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    get summit that is nearly unbreakable

  • 1 decade ago

    what the hell is a tableset?

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