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I think my dog is having mini strokes. What do you think?

It usually happens in the morning time when he wakes to go outside. He staggers and sways like he is drunk. Sometimes he cannot stand at all. These are the only symptoms. This happend in December and this morning. The symptoms reside by the time I get to the vet. An episode lasts approx. 15-30 mins.


Hi is a five year old miniature schnauzer.

I never thought of video taping the episodes. That I will definately do!

The Vet can find nothing physically wrong. We live very remote and do not have access to CT Scans.

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    Either strokes or seizures! Do you have a camera? Set it to video and keep it handy. Next time, tape it and show the vet what is happening and take it in to show them.

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    Mini Strokes In Dogs

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    Sounds more like mild seizures - your vet did not consider this?

    There are meds that control these seizures quite well - go to a better vet and suggest he check your dog for seizures and put him on a small dose of anti-seizure medicine.

    See if that makes the difference. Seizures are not all that uncommon in dogs.

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    How old is your dog? Mini-strokes are really not common in dogs, but it could also be a mild seizure. Even if symptoms resolve, you should still see your vet to make sure there is not another cause.

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    Has the vet tried a "cat scan" ( wrong spelling) lol.... they may be able to see if something is really wrong with him.....don't be to alarmed if he is tho a friend of mine had a pom with very bad seizers and all they had to do was give him meds once a day and they stopped....

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    they're seizures...your dog is old isn't it? It is not uncommon in older dogs...get it to the vet as they will get more serious...MY last dog,she eventually got where she suffered temporarly dimentia afterwards and she knocked her own teeth out in the front one day...don't let your dog suffer with this........please......

    reguardlesss of the fact it isn't "that" old it still sounds just like seizures...Has your vet checked it for epilepsy???

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    When you got to the vet what did they say?

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    your dog might have epelyptic seizures which happen reguralarly.

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