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Would you have a police ankle bracelet put on you if you had been arrested for?

"gross misdeamnor for attempted battery" supposed to have got 12 months probation.


This is Las Vegas, Nevada.

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    Hello Dottie. Using the ankle bracelet is being used as an alternative to jail and probation. In Ohio, the offender pays the cost of the bracelet and monitoring, so the courts are in favor of using this when possible. The standard rules of probation still apply and are set by the PO. For an attempted battery charge, depending on the jurisdiction you are in, it could very well be likely. Note: it is highly helpful to mention what state you are referring to when posting a question. It would allow better defined answers. I hope you can find this useful

    Source(s): 19 years as a Corrections Officer in a max prison
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    Attempted battery? how is that breaking the law? if you didn't hurt anyone that sounds like a small fine or some community service; certainly not an ankle bracelet offense unless you have many priors.

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    simple answer


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