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I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant & constantly tired & feeling sick, is this normal?

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    Very normal. It is different for everyone, but for me it lasted about 16 weeks. The good news is that literally you will wake up one day and just feel great-- it will be completely over! And then you can start to enjoy being pregnant a little. Your second trimester will be the best.

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    Yes, it is very common to be tired and have nausea during the first trimester. My first pregnancy wasn't too bad but my second I was tired 24/7. I would wake up in the morning and want to take a nap an hour later. I was also pregnant during the winter and seemed to catch everything and anything that was going around.

    The good news is that when you hit your second trimester you will feel a lot better. Your body is working very hard right now creating this new life - it takes a lot out of you. Try to get as much rest as you can.

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    Yep,normal that norm.

    Pregnancy causes so many changes in the body due to the new hormone that it's producing "hgc". It multiplies constantly.

    Try taking naps,eating smaller meals thorough the day.

    Make sure to stay away from over-processed meats,and raw meat & seafood.

    Also no excess physical activity like running 10 miles ext..'

    And if you are having trouble with morning sickness,try ginger candies,crackers,lemon juice,not all works for everyone though.

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    without a dout i found out when i was 5 weeks pregnant and i was ill I'm 31 weeks pregnant and it still hasn't gone away this is my second baby but with my daughter i had nothing this time its a boy and i feel like crap just wait until you Carnot sleep at night i suggest sipping water an hour be for you go to bed it eased my sickness off good luck

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    yep thats a main sign of pregnancy it'll get better at the end of your first trimester ( at least the tiredness) which is 12 weeks. I didn't know i was pregnant and i was so tired all the time i thought it was because i had a cold...but all i could do was sleep...then i found out i was pregnant

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    I have heard of prenantal vitamins making people feel ill. You could try taking them at night before bed so you sleep through the yucky feelings. Unfortunately though it is just like good old morning sickness. For the first three months of this pregnancy I had to sleep with a bucket beside my bed I was so sick.

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    Im 6 weeks and i feel sick every day! No puking yet... just really nausous and dizzy!!! Ick...

    I am finding that even when I am not hungry, to eat something small and the nausea will go away. Mind you... i try to eat healthy snacks (or i would be gaining a lot of weight!)

    Good luck to you!!

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    It is. I had morning sickness for 16 weeks with my first and 13 with my second. Just take it easy and get lots of rest when you can. In most pregnancies, the second trimester brings a lot of relief from these problems.


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    I hope so - today is 9 weeks, 5 days for me . . . and I am exhausted, nauseas, headachy . . . just feeling blah!

    Seriously, my doctor told me that it is completely normal - his recommendation was to eat small healthy meals and snacks, do what I can to keep the food down, take my vitamins, take it easy when I can . . . and that it will hopefully get better when I hit the 2nd trimester.

    Good luck!

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    Oh, yeah.

    The tired feeling goes away after a while. For most people, I guess, the nausea does too, but I was one of the unlucky ones who got sick the whole time.

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