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Any tips on low-carb dieting....?

I am following a low-carb diet, per my doctor's instructions, following a diagnosis of insulin resistence.

Does anyone have any tips? Any meal suggestions? How to feel less tired?

Thank you!

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    Thats great to hear your doctor put you onto low carb.

    How low in carbs are you?

    There's a bunch of articles here to help get you started: http://www.apinchofhealth.com/resources/lowcarb/lc...

    If you are following Atkins induction there is an article there on it plus there is a bunch of Atkins induction recipes here: http://www.apinchofhealth.com/forum/vbb/showthread...

    If you have only just started you may find eating potassium rich veggies and maybe a potassium supplement (follow directions on bottle) will help. However if you are on any potassium sparing medication then DO NOT take a potassium supplement.

    The main reason why some people feel tired in the beginning is because when entering ketosis they have lost a lot of water and thus flushed out important electrolytes. This is only temporary though and your body will rebalance itself during the first few weeks but in the mean time supplementing may help.

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    The Atkins Diet and Diabetes Type 2

    Use the Atkins diet and diabetes type 2 can be easily controlled. Why? Because you aren’t producing excessive levels of insulin. Your body can burn proteins and fats (including stored body fat) without needing to produce a lot of insulin, so blood sugar levels remain constant.

    Read full article here:

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    Sweets and carbs (same thing almost) are what make you tired. I really enjoy what finally got me off the sweets and eating less and exercising more. Part of what I do is the beachbody.com P90X dvd workout...fabulous... The other thing I do is the subconscious motivational recordings from www.independentachievement.com Both have gotten me to where I wanted to be weight and fitness wise.

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    I get my daughter wheat free gluten free noodles for pasta. You could try that.

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    errmm maybe dont eat?

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