what is the power require to run a 600 kg per sq cms pressure Air compressor?

The purpose is industrial.

what would be its ware & tare?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    600 kg/cm^2 is roughly 8500 psi. There isn't a compressor in the world that could produce that kind of pressure, let alone a system that could handle it.

    In general terms though, in order to size a compressor, you need to know the SCFM. Air compressor companies rate their compressors in terms of ACFM because the properties of air changes so much. The ACFM rating is basically the same as SCFM if the compressor was tested when the ambient conditions were standard conditions. For selecting a compressor, I consider them the same thing. Most standard compressors have max pressure ratings up to 125 psig or so. There are some booster compressors made for high pressure applications that will boost pressures up to around 300 psig.

    As far as ware and tear, if a compressed air system is designed correctly, you can minimize the wear and tear. First thing to do is ensure a tank is in the system right after any dryers, ususally 1 gallon/4 SCFM. If the system has many points of use where there is a lot of diversity, another surge tank can be placed right after the compressor, around 1 gallon/ 1 SCFM.

    The compressor only runs when the system pressure drops below a certain point, the demand of the compressed air will mainly determine how often the compressor will run, which is basically ware and tear.

    For your system, I would imagine it would run indefinately until the motor burned up or the system exploded.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The power depends on how much air flow you need to maintain at that pressure. For that matter, so does the wear and tear.

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