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is talc free mineral wear [[mineral loose powder]] by physicans fomula good when i have a lil bit of dry skin?

around my nose and in between my eye brow area?

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    I prefer the PF pressed mineral powder. It's just so much easier to apply and far less messy.

    Same ingredients.

    And yes, if your skin is dry, this would be a good powder. Although, I'd probably suggest a cream-to-powder product like Covergirl's cream-to-powder foundation (in the black rectangular compact) or Prescriptives' wet-dry foundation powder. It has some cheesy name having something to do with the movies, I think, but I really like it.

    My mother just switched from Glo Minerals (which is wicked awesome, but expensive) to Ulta III's mineral powder. (pressed) Her skin is somewhat dry and she loves the Ulta Minerals. Plus, it is about a third of the price of Glo Minerals and Bare Minerals. (Glo minerals is a pressed powder)

    Again, I like the Physicians' Formula pressed mineral powder because it's less messy than loose powders.

    The loose powders will seriously ruin black clothing if you drop a clump on yourself.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'ts not a good idea to put any powder on dry skin it will accentuate the dryness..use powder only on the normal/oily parts and leave they dry parts bare or just cream foundation and/or moisturizer. If you do feel the need to powder anyway, IT IS GOOD that it's talc free!

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