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The Twits

The Twits係講咩?

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    The Twits is a children's book written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin

    Blake. It was written in 1979, and first published in 1980.

    Mr and Mrs Twit are two ugly, smelly, nasty people, who spend their lives

    playing nasty tricks on each other. Mrs Twit, who uses a walking stick, does not

    like children. They enjoy treating animals with cruelty, by luring birds to glue-

    smothered trees so that they can be baked into bird pie, and by tormenting their

    pet monkeys, Muggle-Wump and his family, by getting them to stand upside

    down, one on top of the other. One day, the arrival of the Roly-Poly Bird from

    Africa allows the monkeys and the surviving birds to get the revenge that they

    have craved for years. They glue the carpet and furniture to the ceiling while the

    Twits are out, then on their return two ravens land some drops of glue from

    paintbrushes held in their claws onto the Twits' heads. When the Twits go

    indoors and see their furniture apparently turned upside down, they stand on

    their heads, believing that they are upside down and intending to turn the right

    way up; of course remaining stuck that way. With the Twits out of the way, the

    Muggle-Wumps are able to return to their native Africa with the help of the Roly-

    Poly Bird. Eventually, the Twits' bodies collapse into themselves, until there is

    nothing left but that which they wore or carried with them.

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