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Will the Land Rover Discovery 3 be too big for carparks in Hong Kong?

Can I set the Land Rover Discovery 3 be lower in order to go into the lower areas such as indoor carparks, etc?

Or can some drivers that have experience on driving Land Rover Discovery 3 tell me about your experience?

Please answer me in Chinese, thanks!


And also may I know that will the width of the Land Rover Discovery 3 suitable for Hong Kong roads, such as Tai Tam Dam ( In Tai Tam road, somewhere around the Tai Tam Country park), etc? That will be great if you answer this question in Chinese! Thanks!

Update 2:

Please also tell me the price of the Land Rover Discovery 3 (In General), thanks!

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    在香港有售嘅Land Rover Discovery 3有三個形號:

    Discovery 3 電油版: $730,000 4.4L V8 295匹

    Discovery 3 TD V6 柴油版: $480,000 2.7L V6 189匹

    Discovery 3 TD V6 SE 柴油高級版: $550,000 2.7L V6 189匹

    車身闊2190mm (摺鏡後為2009mm), 大潭水塘每日都有好多大形豪華車如平治S-Class經過, 而S-Class闊1872mm, 咁Discovery 3其實都係闊一寸多少少左右. 冇經驗睇位就會難D, 但一定過到.

    車高方面, 如果架車係配Air Suspension的話, 最矮可以自行調校到1841mm (連行李架). 如果有加裝電話天線嘅就係1890mm. 冇Air suspension的話就仲多50mm. 好多停車場都入到, 但泊位就好麻煩

    數據可以喺呢個官方網址睇: ec_dimensions.asp

    個人經驗: 因為我公司買福特嘅產品有優惠嘅原因, 我都曾經走去試過Discovery, 個銷售員仲即場示範架車嘅越野性能. 越野方面真係好impressed, 但自己試駕後就覺得唔係我杯茶.

    車身底盤高, 上車可以用"攀爬"入去嚟形容, 落車要拉住D嘢, 對老人家同小童都好唔方便.

    話就話七人SUV, 其實第三行座椅真係比小童同埋矮腳虎坐, 而且張椅仲唔舒服, 承托唔夠. 又要爬出爬入. 如果經常要車六七個人就真係買豪華van好過.

    用料好膠, 造工亦都唔係好. 同高級英國車嘅手工有一大段距離

    駕駛感好差. 直路係好舒適, 但係一轉彎時架車傾側令到過彎顫顫競競咁過. 急剎停車嘅距離又太長, 同腳踏傳嚟嘅感覺唔實在.

    車非常重, 非常食油

    上網睇D Land Rover嘅message, 比起其他豪華SUV係較多小毛病, 維修費又貴, parts要等

    如果一定描買SUV款嘅七人車, 而又唔駛去爬山嘅, 我會建議你買寶馬X5, Audi Q7, 或者等今年年尾新一代Lexus RX長陣版好過.

    2008-02-19 05:18:33 補充:

    如果你架車係搭載Air Suspension (七人版係基本裝備), 咁係可以調低, 但低極都要1841mm.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you are going to Tai Tam, It is quite wide to drive such thing through the bridge, because it is 2m wide, which you have to take about about this.

    As a kid, I hope I can drive one, but I can't. But as a passenger one time, the seats are absoulety luxuary and comfortable. You can put 7 people with legs in the car properly, as my friend's parents carried me one time to go out, It put the car in a 1.9m carpark and it is OK, actually the suspension can be changed into different postion as I found in Land Rover UK 's website. As long as you got an air suspension, it is properly to put into most of the car parks in HK.

    So don't worry about such problems in HK, the LR guy sold the car to you, If you got stuck, call them!!

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