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What is the video "estranged" about?

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    The way Axl put it, the video is about showing his own emotional destruction and his process of transcending that.

    It is also communication with Dylan (Stephanie Seymour's son, to whom Axl was emotionally very tied to, he even wanted to adopt him and Dylan even called Axl "daddy". Later, when Stephanie and Axl broke up, she told Dylan that Axl had abandoned him, and he hadn't!) - someone who Axl is not allowed to communicate with and someone who feels that Axl has abandoned him.

    Axl was told one thing and shown another, he thought that Dylan was robbed of certain things that he likes and Axl was also, and Axl tried to transcend that and deal with that, so making the video was figuring out what's going on and trying to show it.

    From Axl's words, it was wild filming the scene of himself laying on the shelf, because in this room there's a shelf, and ever since Dylan moved out of the house, Axl pictured himself sitting on that shelf just looking at Dylan's room. When it came time to film that scene, Axl went up to sit on that shelf, then the S.W.A.T. teams (from the video) came breaking in and Axl got kind of oblivious to this whole thing he was supposed to be doing, so he just ended up laying down and going to sleep, and he had this peaceful sleep, because he really needed to do that, he really needed to be in his room, and it was a really strange way for him to spend time with Dylan.

    The dolphins symbolize a state of peace or a state of grace. The music of "Estranged" had reminded Axl the sound of whales (!), and so the dolphins showed up.

    "Estranged" was intended to be the conclusion of "November Rain", but things changed, plans changed (Stephanie and Axl broke up, that's why she's not in the video)...

    In conclusion, I will quote Duff:

    "I think that it's cool that it's not obvious what it's about, it'll keep you guessing for ever. No one's gonna come out and say ''This is exactly what it means here'', so it's up to the viewer. I think it's cool".

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    don't remember but that is an awesome song and I think the video was awesome too but I haven't seen it in years.

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    agree with CD NESTA. its so sad i wanna cry : [ . depends how you want to look @ it tho.

    Source(s): Look at the making of estranged: (there are 6 parts to it. very interesting!)
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