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After ripping through GH3 on medium, I started playing on Hard. It was difficult to get used to, especially because I broke my pinky finger when I was 9, and never went to the hospital (the middle and distal bones are not moveable). Nevertheless, I shred like mad. :) Anyhow, one lonely night I played for like 3 hours straight. That was 2 weeks ago.

Ever since then, my index, middle, and ring finger hurt very much whenever I bend them. The pain seems to exist at the tip of the proximal bone on each finger. My broken pinky does not have this pain, but then again, the tip of the proximal caves in on my pinky instead of extruding like the rest. Also, the joints on the fingers are red, and now I can see hints of blue veins underneath the skin that are not as apparent on my other hand.

I haven't really played since then, but the pain has not gone away. I've been taking quite a few painkillers, but to no avail.

Has anyone else experienced this, or know what these symptoms describe?


Keep in mind, this pain literally started overnight!

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    Which hand exhibits the pain? Is it the strumming hand or the button (fretting) hand.

    The reason I ask is that you could be concentrating and be getting excited and hold the buttons down really hard or strum the rhythm control really hard and bruising your fingers.

    I play guitar for real and know that when you play a lot that your fingers will ache.

    Source(s): Played guitar hero before, play real guitar and I'm trained as an EMT. I dig the git and I dig first aid.
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