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orchestra soundtrack?

Does anybody know any great orchestrated soundtrack pieces? I'm looking for uplifting, moving, and exciting.

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    The Secret of Roan Inish~Mason Darling, plus traditional Irish music

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture~Jerry Goldsmith

    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan~James Horner

    Kingdom of Heaven~Harry Gregson-Williams

    Jason & the Argonauts~Bernard Herrmann

    E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial~John Williams

    Conan the Barbarian~Basil Poledouris

    The Mummy Returns~Alan Silvestri

    Lawrence of Arabia~Maurice Jarre

    Romeo & Juliet (1968)~Nino Rota

    Doctor Zhivago~Maurice Jarre

    Jurassic Park~John Williams

    There are so many amazing symphonic movie scores/soundtracks that it's difficult to choose. Generally, films of epic or grander proportions offer more-sumptuous orchestral works. Max Steiner and Miklos Rozsa are two others whose works are notable for "uplifting, moving, and exciting" music.

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    There are some awesome pieces on the new The Time Machine album some of which are Celtic. Also The Medicine Man soundtrack has some excellent pieces. Another good instrumental was on a Gallo wine commercial during the 80's. It's called Hymn and it's by Vangelis

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    Pearl harbor soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. I listen to it a zillion times. The orchestrated pieces are beautifully composed. My favorite song is Tennessee.

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    How bout that orchestra music from Rocky when he's working out. Its got alot of trumpet. Its awsome. I think its called "flying high now" or something like that.

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    Any of the Lord of the Rings

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