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VFR rules?

1. when flying VFR rules. does ATC know where your final destination is?

2. if you request flight following do they tell you when to decend.

3. when do they hand you off to the tower.

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    In the USA, ATC will ask your destination if you are in contact with them, otherwise they do not know, even if you filed a VFR flight plan. Under flight following, all climbs and descents are at your disgression unless you are in Class B or Class C airspace, but it is a courtesy to advise them when you are changing altitudes. If they are busy, they may not hand you off to tower or approach control, and do not expect them to. They only do it as a courtesy when they are not busy with IFR traffic. If you bust Class B, C, or D airspace without a clearance it will be your fault, not the fault of whoever is providing flight following. Under VFR flight following, the center controller will not obtain any class B, C, or D airspace clearances for you.

    By the way, if you're flying in the USA, this is all contained in the Airman's Information Manual (AIM), and much of it is also in the FAA's "Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge" . Get them and read them.

    You might also get a copy of "The Pilot's Reference to ATC Procedures and Phraseology". Very helpful

    Source(s): Corporate pilot (ex-airline), flight instructor, 22 years in professional aviation
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    Unless you filed a flight plan ATC does not know your final destination. In Europe you only have to file a flight plan if you are crossing a border during your flight or your destination is a controlled airfield. Normally you contact the Info service en-route and you let them know what your destination will be.

    When you fly VFR to a controlled airfield area they may let you know when to descend. It could also be when you fly too high in a controlled zone. Then they will tell you to descend. In all other cases not.

    Just before the landing they could hand you of. After landing the tower will hand you of to delivery.

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    1. only if you filed a flight plan and requested flight following

    2. no. this is not an IFR flight, they do not control your flight plan and if things get busy, they will terminate FF. sometimes very abrubtly.

    3.Generally when you've contacted approach control FFends.


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