joining the marine corps???

I have a problem...I'm not sure if I want to go into the Marines or not. One day I feel strongly about it and the next not so much. I don't know if i want to serve 4 years then go to college go into the reserves and go to college at the same time or go to college then join the Marine Corps. I want to be a recruit but I don't know if I want to for the right reasons. I need help! Any insight would be greatly appreciated (only a soph. in HS plenty of time to decide)

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    Well good on you for wanting to serve. I just got out of the Corps about a year ago. Its a love/hate thing(Corps). You either love it or you don't. But you will never know unless you join. I did my 4 years and used my "training" to land a great job and attend college basically for free. You should choose what makes you happy. Just remember... Once your in...YOUR IN! The only way out early is a discharge less than Honorable in most cases. 4 years fly by after you look back on it. Don't be swayed by your hippie classmates either. You do what makes you happy at that point in your life.

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    Bro that's a personal struggle that you've got to settle on your own. My personal experience was that I joined directly out of high school. I did 5 years, extending for one after my 4 year contract ended. At that point I decided it was time for college, which I attended and graduated from with my BS in Psychology. At the time, the GI Bill was only @$28K so I had a pretty good size bill racked up. I researched my options and came into the Army, who paid off the rest of my student loans. I came into the Marines because I KNEW it's what I wanted to do more than anything else. You have to figure out what it is that YOU want and why you want it. Best of luck no matter what you choose, Semper Fi!

    EDIT: Sorry about the "bro" comment, I just noticed you're a young lady. My apologies. Also, one thing I did not mention but most assuredly meant to is the fact that I absolutely loved my time in the Corps and it's made me a better NCO in the Army as well.

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    You're right about one thing, you have plenty of time to decide.

    Youngsters at your age should not put too much importance into things you decide today. By next week, or certainly next month, everything will have changed.

    My second youngest daughter graduated from Univ of Il two years ago. her major was micro biology. Her immediate ambition was to apply for Med School. In the meantime she took a job in a home for occupationally challenged adults.

    Well, it didn't take her long to realize this wasn't a good career choice. She opted out of Med School for now, too. Next, she got into the fashion industry, this was something she did on a part time basis while in school. Soon she realized that this required a hell of a lot of work for someone as smart as herself.

    Finally, she got hooked up in modeling. Now, this she liked. The money was good, the hours were not overly demanding, the social life was great, the travel was exciting, and so on.

    The point here is, young people change. They change often and they often change for no good reason, but they change just the same.

    The Marine Corps is a great way of life. So is modeling. These are two extremes, I will admit, but for you, these are career choices for you to debate about for the next two years. By then, you will be a little more mature, and hopefully will have added even more options to your list of opportunities.

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    Have you thought about going in to be an Officer? That's more school-related, I think. I don't know a whole lot about it but I do know that officers get more education out of it than just the regular Marine serving his country and not taking advantage of what the Corps offers as far as education. Officers also get paid much better and not that it matters but their housing is way better lol. Seriously though, talk to the recruiters about becoming joining the Corps to become an officer.

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  • Here are your options if you enlist in the reserves:

    In order to qualify for the Selective Reserves GI Bill, one has to be a 6 yrs contract reservist. After you are done with boot camp, MCT, and MOS school, you can register for college and go there full time without too much trouble.

    Another option is being a 92 day reservist. This allows you to graduate from boot camp and delay your MCT and MOS school for a while. Upon graduating from boot camp, you will check into you reserve unit and from there you just attend drill like any other reservist. You will be able to go to college full time as well, just sooner than the first option.

    See a counselor and VA advisor about filling out forms to get some education benefits from the Selected Reserves GI Bill to help pay for education along with other benefits.

    *Note: there are times when drill dates and some of your classes will conflict with one another. Usually, drill is 2-3 days a month with 2 wks of annual training so plan accordingly.

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    It's not ignorant as the 1st answer suggests. To get training & educational asst is not a waste of 4 years. It's good experience and it will refine your dicipline. Many great people served. Repay this country for the freedom it provides. The 1st answer guy exercised his right of free speech. But I doubt he will appreciate that fact. I served in the USAF from 86-90 & I did so proudly. My only regret is that I wasn't mature enough to have stayed in more than 20 years to earn a retirement. G'luck!

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    If you have ANY doubts; don't do it. Marines all want to be who they are, and are very proud of who they are. You sound more like the Air Force is your bag. They are still civilians at heart and are into the "what's in it for me" deal. A Marine's greatest "get" is simply earning the title "Marine".

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    Look at the National Guard. They'll pay all your tuition, and give you a commission as an officer. And you'll still have the option to go on active duty in a different branch if you find you like it. They even have a School First option that will keep you from being deployed while in school.

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    Sweetie , just study and research a decision that you will have to live with for the duration of your service contract .

    This sort of choice is like either a good or poor move in chess , you will either make a good choice with no regrets or a poor choice that you have to live with .

    The very best of luck to you in whatever choice you make !

    Semper Fidelis !


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    sounds great that youre considering serving your country!!! i would be in the marines now if it wasnt for my illness...but anyways if you truly want it go for it. talk with a recruit, they will tell you all the facts and all you need to know.

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