What Are The Requirements To Become A U.S. Marshal?

Looking into future careers, being a Deputy U.S. Marshal (Not a Detention Enforcement Officer) interests me greatly.

However, I can't seem to find anywhere that tells the requirements to be one.

I would plan on taking courses in Criminal Justice after High School, but would serving on a police force be required? I know it would look better for experience, but would it be required?

Any answers regarding requirements for this jobs would be greatly appreciated.


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    Why haven't you contacted the U.S. Marshal Service direct?:


    The Marshal service is a peculiar sort of outfit, with a dedicated mission, which is to say a special objective over a usual law enforcement outfit. Look to see what Cabinet of the federal government they fall under to know the premise to what their focus is. For example, the FBI falls under the Department of Justice; the CIA derives from the Department of Defense, and so on... And there have been changes since the forming of the Department of Homeland Security, which is what the U.S. Border Patrol falls under.

    There are numerous federal-level law enforcement agencies, for example the White House Police and the U.S. Federal Protective Service.

    Since the Marshal is a 'federal' law enforcement agency, they are likely to be dispatched to any number of different missions anywhere in the country but whose mission has little to do with intelligence or counter-intelligence missions except insofar as some collaboration is required. Intelligence and surveillance are reserved for FBI and CIA primarily, in addition to the other exotic and extremely huge outfit, the NSA: FBI is stateside; CIA is overseas; NSA is international and beyond, heavy into the merge of technologies. But they each have somewhat to do with this.

    As with all federal jobs, there are tiers and "schedules." Prior service with a police force is 'not' required at the entry level, which is exactly where you would commence.

    Now, you aren't intimidated to inquire are you?

    Each is an outfit unto itself; each having its own egoism and, say, "territory."

    Often, not having prior experience is the best possible resume, because you simply will have nothing to 'un-learn', do you see?

    Each outfit has its own rigors and checklists of things needing learned and developed to a certain threshold of adeptness according to its mission; and having prior law enforcement or military experience won't necessarily accord any privilege over someone who has no experience or bearing at all.

    That's why there is a basic training in each of these outfits.

    You should email and call them. That's all...

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