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TVA (Tennessee valley Authority)?

What was the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) & why was it historically significant?

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    It was the first rural electrification project.

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    Sweet! I love regional questions- I live in Knoxville, a major part of the TVA project!

    Before the TVA built dams (Norris, Douglas, Fort Loudon) the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers flooded often and badly. There were many deaths, diseases, and lots of money lost when the floods came. The TVA began building in the great depression, giving jobs to many. It also electrified the valley and for the first time, electricity was available to all it's residents, not just the rich ones. My grandfather can still remember switching from kerosene to electric lamps! It's a big deal because it began ushering the valley into the modern era, and began the push for other sources of electricity other than simply burning coal.

    It's still very important here, because there are often flood conditions still. They let water in and out of the damns accordingly, keeping us from floating away!

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    The TVA grow to be a mission to assist the monetary device throughout the time of and after the great melancholy. President Roosevelt created quite a few artwork courses called "the hot Deal" to positioned human beings back to artwork so as that they could get over the melancholy. It also outfitted a chain of dams to assist save water for more than a number of makes use of contained in the area; sport, capacity and agriculture. the 2d link decrease than has a map of each and every of the dams outfitted that were placed in seven diverse states and employed 1000's of human beings who were before unemplyed.

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