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Micro soft access queries?

My teacher wants us to use access and make queries about resturants

what are queries? and what are examples of some for resturaunts???

also i never used access before is it easy to use?

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    MS Access is a database primarily to store "data"

    I assume this is a basic assignment, so first you would need to create a "Restaurants" data table.

    Your Columns would be the pieces of information pertaining to a particular restaurant like Restaurant Name, Address, City, Zip Code, etc..

    Now, Imagine this table had all the restaurants of NYC , those are a lot of rows. This is where queries come in, which are "search filters" for you to extract certain information from the database.

    So lets say you want to just see all restaurants in Zip Code: 10027, you would then use a search query to get that information. Access uses a designer for you to create the query but the actual language behind it all is called "SQL or Structured Query Language"

    In SQL code the above would look like this:

    SELECT * FROM resturants WHERE zip_code = 10027;

    Don't worry about the SQL code at the moment, that was just for your information.

    Open access....there should be an example database you could learn from which shows various tables, queries, reports.....etc...

    Other example queries:

    Name all restaurants where the average dinner price per person is less than 25 dollars

    Name all restaurants that are located in a certain city.

    Name all resturants that have a food rating of 60% and above


    Good Luck

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    Once you learn it you'll find it's easy to use. But, it's not easy to just look at and use like Excell or Word.

    A query is similar to a search. If you have a database with 1000 names but only want to view last names that start with an "En", a query would be able to find that information quickly. There is so much more you can do with a query, especially if you link them to forms and reports, but, you have to start somewhere.

    Also, if you intend on becoming good at Access I recommend learning Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications.

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