Libertarians For Open Borders/Illegal Immigration?

I was doing some research on various political parties, and read on that Libertarians are for open borders (it doesn't specify legal or illegal imigration, just that ALL immigration is OK). Am I reading this correctly? Otherwise, I like the party. But, stating that illegal immigration is OK is definitely a deal breaker for me.


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    Immigration and School Overcrowding

    Immigration is overwhelming school systems.

    “The level of immigration is so massive, it’s choking urban schools ...It’s bad enough when you have desperate kids with U.S. backgrounds who require massive resources. In come kids with totally different needs, and it creates crushing burdens on urban schools.”

    David W.Stewart,

    author of Immigration and Education: The Crisis and Opportunities

    The U.S. school-aged population has reached an all-time high of 55 million. Between 1990 and 2000, enrollment increased by 14 percent. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the size of the student body will almost double by 2100. Yet without school-age immigrants (about 250,000 a year) and the children of immigrants (about 725,000 a year), school enrollment would not be rising at all.

    The share of students in the U.S. who are immigrants or the children of immigrants has tripled in the past 30 years; in 1970, they were only 6.5 percent of the student body. Today, one in five students has at least one foreign-born parent. In California, almost half of the students starting school are immigrants or the children of immigrants.

    As a result of this immigration-driven population growth, about 14 percent of schools exceed their capacity by six to 25 percent, and eight percent exceed it by more than 25 percent. To alleviate overcrowding, more than one-third of schools use portable classrooms, and one-fifth hold classes in temporary instructional space, such as cafeterias and gyms.

    The problem has become severe enough that there is now a federal Bilingual/Immigrant State Grant program to assist school systems that experience large increases in their student population due to immigration. This program awards about $700 million a year to affected districts (National Association of Bilingual Education).

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    In PURE libertarianism there would be no borders.

    Practically speaking, 99.9% of Libertarians see open borders and damaging their rights and therefore support STRICT border enforcement.

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    If you have an open border then you won't have illegal immigrants since the borders are wide open for anyone to cross them.

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    I welcome all immigrants as long as they obey our laws, come here to work, and do not expect any handouts.

    This country does have the right, however, to know who is crossing our borders.

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    Well, good, then I hope all illegals take jobs away from every single libertarian.

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