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WWII and children?

How were children involved in WWII? i.e. concentration camps?

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    Children in the United States were encouraged to collect scrap (recycleables) for the war effort but were not involved in any military function or directly attacked. In Europe, the children fared far worse. Many children in Great Briton were killed by the bombings and most were evacuated from the cities (and their parents) to the countryside for safety. All across Europe where there were battles and bombings, children died by the thousands. In Germany and the Eastern countries, the children of Jewish decent were sent to the extermination camps. German children were forced into labor at factories and some were even given weapons and placed in combat groups. There is much to read and to learn about the subject on the 'net.

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    Sadly many children were murdered in the camps. If you consider that HALF the Jews on the planet were killed by the Nazis; that's six million people - there were children among those killed.

    One of the more grotesque aspects of the camps was that the Nazis used Jewish children to perform 'experiments' on. Josef Mengele was a notorious Nazi who was in charge of this. For example: he would pour acid and dye into children's eyes, to see if the iris would change colour.

    Twins would be sewn together, to see if they then began to act and function like 'siamese' twins, and whether they could remain sane or not.

    Mengele had a special and terrible fascination with twins. He would separate pairs of twins, and put them into different buildings. Then one twin would be slowly tortured to death, to see if the other, remaining twin could 'detect' what was happening to their sibling via 'telepathy'.

    Teenaged girls would be sometimes used as 'entertainment' for the Nazis.

    These are just some of the ways in which children were abused in the concentration camps.

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    They were brought there in the camps and killed.

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