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True Patriot Fans, I think its time, dont you?

OK, before I ask, I want to ask that only true non hating, non cussing, people answer this question. I know how the Pat haters are, so lets be real here, and Pat fans, whats your opinion?

Lots and lots of attention has been put on the Pats this year, Spygate, the undefeated season, and then the Superbowl loss.

What is bothering me, is all this negativity around the team. We are constantly in the negative light because of the 'Spygate' stuff. Now we have former employee's ready to testify about other tapings.

QUESTION: Is it time for Bob Kraft to let Belichick go? Suspend him untill all the evidence is out?

I know that at the end of all the investigations, there will be other teams guilty of the same stuff, but the negativity, and the tarnish to our Superbowl wins is overwhelming.

Again, please be sensible with your answers.

Thank you and good day.

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    The following is a post I placed on a New England Pats Yahoo board. I was then attacked and harrased so I am no longer a Pats fan. Secondly the Patriots and any other team that cheats should face punative NCAA type santions. Once all the evidence is in then Belichick should stay or go based on the facts:

    I would like to explain my comments on this board by appealing to those of you with common sense and a love of pure football. Actually I am a fan, a fan of the NFL and I love to see great action on the football field. I love to watch an exciting football game between two great teams and marvel at the talent and greatness of class act players. For five years I have lived by the "Fresh Pond" in Cambridge and wanted to be excited about the New England Patriots.

    This year I was looking forward to one of the most talented teams in history (the Pats) to put on an exhibition of flawless performance. But as hard as I try I am hesitant to be a true fan.

    Help me with the two issues that make me hesitant to do that.

    After going to three games in Foxborough I was shocked and appalled by the fans of the Patriots that in my mind keep reflecting badly on the team.

    During my three games I saw a mass of out of control fans abusing supporters from the rival teams. I saw beer thrown, food thrown, cursing like I never heard before, threats of bodily injury, shoving and in one case urination on an opposing fan. Foxborough stadium has its own jail and court because of the out of control fans.

    Now, The Patriots management (not the players) cheated. I watched this board for weeks and saw only excuses. I was under the mistaken impression a true fan wants their teem to win fairly. I anxiously awaited the moral outrage of my fellow New Englanders. When it did not come all I could think about was how the fans acted at the games. Is that all of you? I find it hard to believe everyone here is that cruel and shallow.

    I tried to bait people into voicing some sort of outrage but the

    only honest person responding was Daryn Friedman. She got it….. I maybe living in a dream world but I thought all of you the loyal fans deserve better than an asterisk next to the Patriots record. I thought in my dream world your the ones who deserve respect from your team and you would call the Patriots management and demand they apologize to you the loyal fan and swear this would never happen again because it reflects just as badly on you as the guy who urinated on a visiting teams fan.

    I am saddened for those of you who do not have enough pride in your city and yourselves to demand the best of your team on and off the field.

    For those of you that understand please call the Patriots and voice your disappointment in how they have disrespected the NFL, The game and most of all YOU!

    Kick me off if you want but before you do just think about what I said. Blind devotion to anything is just ignorant.

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    Pats fan of gosh going on 21 years now. I read and watched so much that is becoming ridiculous. I mean we only know so much as to what happened through the media. Fans of all teams don't sometimes realize certain facts because the media either fails to mention it or the fans fail to keep it in mind. Here is what I know and think should Happen not just to Belichek but the Patriots.

    -Pats did win 3 Super bowls we all saw that.

    -Pats have been to 5 of them in this decade that is fact

    -It takes more than knowing signals whether you use a tape, read lips, write them down or just guess, it takes the players involved in the play to execute what is needed to be done to succeed. So basically BB has no control as to what goes on in the field of play. i mean do you think knowing signals when Vinateri kicked those winning field goes did anything? I think they did nothing. it was effort and skill by a kicker not a video tape to kick a field goal.

    WE need more evidence before we can say Belichek should be fired, banned, and so on from the NFL. Some of you don't even realize that the taping rules was officially put into the NFL rulebook at the end of the 2006 NFL season. Prior to that is was frowned upon but the former commissioner never took any action.

    As far as the Pete Rose comparison goes. thats just nuts. I mean Belichek only broke one rule against the Jets in game 1 of the 2007 season. Pete Rose broke several rules and not only that depending on which state he was in could have been subjected to breaking the Law. Belichek broke no US laws only a NFL rule.

    Bottom line is wait for more to come out and look at every angle before you judge a whole team or a person.

    Btw last i heard you don't have to be media friendly to be a coach just look at Bill Parcels when he was with Dallas. he swore at the Media.

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    First, I am neither a Patriots' fan nor a Patriots' hater; as for Bill Belichick - well, all I know is his public persona; I hear that those close to him feel like he is a person worth knowing, so I'll leave it at that.

    The answer to your question, is, I think, "Yes, Bill Belichick needs to be let go." I know that you think that Spygate has been overhyped, and you're probably right about that, but the fact is: the man tilted a supposedly "level playing field" towards him and the Patriots. Does that "taint" the Superbowls? Well, forgetting the games that led to it, in the first one the Patriots were heavy underdogs to the Rams. That they beat them is not the issue; it's now HOW thaey beat them that has come under scutiny. When you think about it, unless they are blowouts, all football games in reality come down to a relatively few plays. Now, if the Patriots - or ANY team, really - have the advantage in knowing what is coming at them in those key plays, then they have an unfair advantage over the other team. So, I would say that yes, that affects the outcome of the game. Who knows who WOULD HAVE had the upper hand in those particular plays?

    And who knows if all of their playoff games BEFORE the Superbowls were on the up-and-up? Who knows if the even would have made the playoffs in the first place but for two or three key games during the year? Those questions would mean that yes, while it might now "taint" them as a team, it DOES taint them as one of the best ever - just like steroids have done to Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens; botth men were good ballplayers before their insatiable desires to "be the best" led them down the steroid road, and "tainted" their accomplishments.

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    Finally a Pats fan sees things the way they are. Congratulation. I still think that Kraft need to wait and find out how big this spygate is. I agree that if everyone is doing then Kraft should keep Belichick. If he is only a handful that does this then Kraft should let him go. I think that he will hurt the reputation of the team in the long run if he was only one of a few. I think that we all agree that every team tape. But what we don't know is that did he tape differently. Did everyone's taping violate NFL rule. These questions still need to be answer.

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    I don't think anything should be done yet regarding Bill. Most of the evidence is heresay. People are crawling out of the woodwork. Until it is fully investigated which I thought it already was, noting should be done. Bill admitted to spying since 2000, Goodell handed down the punishment. Patriots took the punishment. Case closed. Since when do you get tried for the same crime twice in this country?

    I totally agree with you on the other teams being exposed as well, and honestly after all the crap us Pats fans have taken this year, I hope they are exposed as well.

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    As a pats fan, i have been saying that bill belichek should go (check my Q&A). Why? Well, theres plenty of reasons:

    -If it turns out that he taped during the SB's (which is pretty likely), all the joy that the fans felt when they won 3 outta 4 SB's would have all been under false pretenses. Bill brought about that joy through deceptive means, and thats not cool.

    -If he stays on the pats, all their future success will be under scrutiny, since this guy is coaching

    -People are associating cheaters with the whole team, not just belichek, as it should be, since he was the only one doing the cheating

    -This guy is most likely gonna get suspended for a whole year, so why not let him go, and have a new head coach to lead this team? Most of the record-setting offense is coming back under contract, and if the pats address their weak secondary and LB corp through this years draft, there is no reason they cant go to the SB next year

    now is best time to let bill belichek go.

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    it is time.

    Buddy Ryan was fired as headcoach of the Arizona Cardinals when he ran off the field in the final seconds of a regular season game. It was an example (and last straw) of how tasteless and out-of-touch he truly was with the game and the sport. Belichick did the same thing and it was disrespectful of the team, the sport, the superbowl, and the fans.

    Bill Belichick should resign. But i don't think he will because his actions are always self serving. Kraft has to do the right thing. the decisive thing. fire Belichick and anyone else that knowing participated in the scandal. suspending him or anyone else would just make things bad between them.

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    I think they should keep Bill Belichick on for one more year. The allegations were proven true, and I'm not saying this just because I'm sticking by the Patriots, but they need to investigate more thoroughly to find out just how often they taped and in which crucial games (i.e. Super Bowls?) the taping happened. I think after this next year after a more thorough investigation has happened, they're going to find Bill Belichick was a cheater and kick him out of the NFL. Plus, it will show everyone around the league exactly how big a factor the cheating played in helping them win after this next season.

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    No tapes this year and they won 18 straight.

    Who cares what the haters think. They will never take away the rings because Goddell knows they won fair and square.

    If Belichick gets fired every team in the NFL will want him to coach their team.

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    First off I am NOT a Patriot fan.Let them investigate before you fire Belichick.Do I think they are guilty,I would bet yes.Do I think this has been going on for awhile? Yes that would be terrible luck if you just did something once and got cought.Chances are they have been doing it for a while.One more thing,people have been asking all year if the Patriots win the Super Bowl will it tarnish the win.I know they did not win but it would not have.It would have tarnished the 3 previous wins.No more talking about this Patriots dynasty with the Steelers,or 49ers Why because those teams did not lose a Super Bowl during their runs.

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