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baseball team rating?

Mike Napoli

Carlos Pena

Chone Figgins

Adrian Beltre

J.J. Hardy

Vlad Guerrero


Carlos Lee

Adam Dunn

Todd Helton

Kelly Johnson

Hank Blaylock

Melky Cabrera

David Eckstien


Roy Hallady

Francisco Liriano

Francisco Cordero

Brad Lidge

Jered Weaver

Joe Blanton

Jeremy Guthrie


By The Way Im Playing in a 12 team roto leauge

Update 2:

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    I'd rate your team an 8. It's solid.

    C - You're going to need another catcher. Napoli is only a decent option for a starter.

    1B - Don't expect Pena to put up the same numbers he did last year, but he'll still be good.

    2B - Figgins is great. He's versatile and he'll get lots of steals with a high BA.

    SS - Hardy is solid, but there are better options.

    3B - Again, Beltre is solid, but there are better options.

    OF - Great job here. Vlad is a beast, and Ichiro will get tons of steals and an extremely high BA. Lee is great as well. Dunn is a great 4th outfielder and has tons of power.

    Bench - Johnson is a good backup 2B, and Helton is good for BA. Blalock may have a surprisingly good year by regaining his power. Drop Eckstein though. He contributes nothing to your team.

    SP - It could use some work. Halladay is good, and Blanton, Guthrie, and Weaver are alright. Hopefully Liriano will return to his ace-form.

    RP - Again, could use some work. Cordero's move to a hitter's ballpark should increase his ERA, WHIP, and blown saves. Lidge is very inconsistent too.

    If I were you, I'd trade one of your OF's for a good SP. I'd also trade Cordero/Lidge for a better closer like Bobby Jenks. Try picking up another catcher too for Eckstein.

    Hope I helped!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wow lot of angles and i think ur teams like a 6 mayb 7

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