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Have you forgotten?

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p.s. This isn't my video, but i thought everybody should see it.

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    no, but it will soon be forgotten, it will be just another history moment

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    Although I am a strong liberal, I am not at all for bringing all our troops home. Yes I remember waiting tables on 9/11. The shock of the people's faces and also mine.

    The problem is the US was to over throw Saddam Hussein and free the Iraqi people. Our troops did the job. Is it not true that terroist are keeping the country of Iraq unstable?

    We the people and the people of congress were lied to about WMD. We were all scared into supporting Bush's Iraq war after an attack such as ours on 9/11.

    Our mission is to do this. First to support our troops and give them the protection they need against terrorist.

    Second. Turn the country of Iraq over to its people and government and get out.

    Have support of a limited amount of troops in or around Iraq,

    We should hit Afghanistan hard, the region called Tora Bora.

    Make every effort to get Bin Laden and his pals. If indeed Bin Laden is in Pakistan, and Pakistan is protecting him, they are protecting terroism and the issue should be addressed with Pakistani leaders.

    If we get Bin Laden, I believe Iraq will stabilize soon.

    No I have not forgotten nor will i ever, but we should be in Afghanistan and Pakistan getting the root, not the flowers from the plant.

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    People already forgot buddy. Remember how fired up everyone was after 9/11 and two years later WE'RE the bad guys. Typical libs.


    And that f***ing comment about Reagan and Bush, you're an idiot. Read your history! Clinton ordered an assassination on Bin Laden and when the sniper had a bead on him guess what, no balls Clinton ordered to cancel it. There's your f***ing hero. We should play the tapes of 9/11 every morning and every night.

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    Absolutely not... I served for 15 years. I have numerous neighbors / friends serving now. I volunteer at the USO and VA, and send a monthly package out to my Shipmates / Brothers in Arms.

    Iraq was poorly handled... Rummy and Cheney and Bush will have to owe up to that one. Liberals certainly don't HELP.

    I also giggle at the one respondent who blamed Reagan and Bush I for failing to "get" Bin Laden / Al Queda... what an idiot. He doesn't even realize Al Queda hadn't FORMED until Clinton was in office.

    Source(s): US Naval Aircrewman / Limited Duty Officer 1985-1999
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    Just for the record on our little loud and proud Democrate- Clinton HAD the man behind the 9/11 attacks and because of your 'love everyone, dont kill' attitude, that was our thanks- he trained and planned attacks on the U.S. so sling mud all you want but there have been MANY chances to kill that man and no one did.

    As for your actual question- I definately dont forget, but at the same time.. I see all these movies and stuff on the news, and on Youtube and stuff and they just kinda make me sad.. I really like to look at the good out of things rather than people crying, and funerals, ect. The one i like the most is that one Army guy coming back to see his family and surprising his son at school and his son gets all emotional and stuff- thats a tear jerker for me but in a 'awww!!" kinda good way :-)

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    I'm a democrat and I take offense to this video saying we've already forgotten. How can ANYONE forget when it's on the news almost monthly???? If the first President Bush and if the former President Reagan would have done something way back then with Al Quaida.....when it was FRESH.....there would BE NO 9/11!

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    When the next one occurs they are going to remember it.

    And, they will be damned sorry they forgot it.

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    I haven't forgotten. My father went to Iraq for 2 years and at that time i stopped breathing it seemed like. He left when I was in 7th grade and came back when i was in 9th. Every night I prayed for all the people over there fighting and all the soldiers family. i would always wonder every night before I went to bed if my father was alive or dead. i wouldn't hear from him for 4 months straight. But thankfully he made it back. he lost his hearing from the road side booms and he has trouble walking, and when there is a thunderstorm he relives that sounds of his battles and the firing from the weapons from the sound of the thunder. But i would rather have my dad like this because i love him ad he was protecting millions of people when he went over. I am so proud of my father. And so thankful that he made it back with only some minor injurys

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