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Question about Bale vs Keaton as Batman?

Alot of people seem to be debating online as to who was the better batman.. what do you think?

Honestly I don't count the Kilmer and Clooney movies as they were sh!t. I really liked batman begins and dark knight looks to be one of the best ever but do you really think any of the Bale films will compare to the success of Batman 1989? They seem to be completely different series but Batman 1989 seemed to be such a perfect film which Dark knight just might also be, but definitely NOT batman begins. Dark Knight looks like it's going to be amazing but in my opinion Bale's performance in Batman Begins DOES NOT put him above Keaton.

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    I do not think you can really compare Batman and Batman Begins very well as the first created the mark. There will always be great points that other Batman movies in my opinion cannot match.

    The show stealing performance of Jack Nicholson comes to mind.

    That said, the only quality Christian Bale has over Michael Keaton is how he uses his voice as Batman. I only noticed this mainly after playing Batman Begins the game where his dialog as Batman is all together convincing.

    However, given the gap between the two films I still give more credit to Keaton because his voice quality could be the result, of editor's use of takes, ADR and raw footage.

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    i like the person that play as batman

    in batman begins..

    cause he young and a good actor..

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