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help? Please?

I want to be a singer and actress. My parents don't take me serous when I tell them that. How do I convince them I am not kidding and convice them to get me an acting and singing coach?

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    Go to! Call the number that you see ask if you can talk to the person who hires actress/actors. I want to be an actress too! Ask him/her to come to one of your plays maybe he will hire you! If that does not work then go to google and tpy I want to be an actress. Maybe it will work! HAVE A GOOD LUCK!!!


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    First of all they know that breaking into this business is EXTREMELY difficult and the odds are a million to one. BUT, if you are determined, you need to sign up for drama and choir at school, join a theatrical group in your home town, join a local band, get a part-time job and pay for voice and dance lessons and then see where that goes. Good luck to you. Keep persevering! If you show to have real talent and don't seem to lose interest in a couple of years they will see you are serious. This type of dream is typical in MOST young people, but as you get older, your dreams change....Time will tell about YOUR dreams...

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    Go to school, get good grades (and I know you arent when you cannot even spell 'serious') and ask that they send you to acting classes instead of birthday, easter, christmas gifts. Or wait until you are 16 and get a job and pay for it yourself.

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    Since you begged me.....Perform in local talent shows.

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