How important is integrity for you?

e.g. Having sex with a beautiful 20 year old fashion model if you were married and nobody will ever find out? Stealing money from the till when nobody will ever find out?

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    Integrity is very important to me, and of all the things that I use to assess a person - whether it is intelligence, creativity, or sense of humor - integrity is at the top of the list. I have lost many friends, because incidents that have transpired between us, have made me lose faith in their integrity.

    I am far from perfect, and I know that I have done many deeds in my life that break my own fastidious standards with respect to integrity. Yet, I still see ones moral or ethical integrity to be the most telling aspect of a human being, and it is the one thing that I use to determine whether I want to get closer to someone or not.

    With regards to both of the ethical dilemmas you mentioned, concerning adultery and theft, I would have to say that I could successfully refrain from both actions. With the case of adultery, I would just put myself in the place of my wife and ask the question of how I would feel if she cheated on me? I would be devasted, to say the least. My empathy for someone who could be betrayed in such a manner, would dissuade me from partaking in that same ethical breach, no matter how tempting that woman is. With the issue of theft, the problem is even easier, because I am not very materialistic to begin with. Hence, obtaining a bit of extra money isn't worth depriving someone else of their hard earned cash.

    What I have just stated above should illustrate how a secularist can be moral without an appeal to a divine being who will mete out punishment here and in the after life. True morality is not elicited by intimidation, but is instead induced by the individual doing the action, being capable of empathizing with his fellow man or woman. A morality that is motivated by compassion and sensitivity is a far greater moral action than one that is motivated by the coercion of a supposed divine being.

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    Integrity - the ability to consistently (through all circumstances and at all times) manifest intentionality.

    If the agreement that I have with my wife (explicit or implicit) is that we do not take on other sexual partners, and I thereafter have sex with .. whoever, I would not have integrity.

    If it is not my intention to be a thief, it is explicitly or implicitly not part of my own ethical code of conduct to take what is not mine, and I do, then I have no integrity.

    As I define integrity it requires INTENTIONALITY, i.e. I need to seriously think about what type of explicit or implicit personal and/or social contracts I enter into. Without intentionality, I have no integrity. (Ignorance is therefore not an excuse.)

    If it is my intention to kill you and I do, I may have integrity, but I have no morality and no ethics (I have no social contract).

    BUT integrity is not only the big things, its the tiny little promises that we make all the time, e.g. 'call you tomorrow, stop by tomorrow, give that book next week, will do that just now' - when we have no intention of actually doing it, or we actually just never get around to doing it - these little actions kill integrity and maim spirit.

    I find that my struggle to develop and maintain ETHICALITY (my social contracts implicit or explicit) and INTENTIONALITY and consequently my INTEGRITY lies at the HEART of what I understand to be 'the spiritual life'.

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    Integrity is very much important for it is one of the determining factor of human values. In your given example, i don't see any integrity, any goodness and honesty. The fact that you are married is an insult to the sacred marriage you have with your wife. Stealing money is not goodness. There is no integrity to speak of. Integrity must be founded from the goodness of a person. It is one of the great virtue a man could have. Indeed if your purpose is good, the goodness in you prevails and that's the secret to happiness too.

    Thanks for asking. Have a great day!

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    Personal integrity is very important because even if no one else knows I have to be able to look in the mirror and like the person that I see. I can't do that if I'm not the best person that I can be, I also have children of my own and I work with other's children I want to be an example they can look up to. I now that I can and do influence their lives, I don't' want them to say Well she didn't do what she said. Children and other's look at what you do more than what you say. So if you want them to really look at how you live your life in a positive way than you have to live a positive life.

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    Its very important. I think its the most important thing to me because money comes and goes, but in the end all we take with us is our character and personality and knowing that we treated others well in this life. I know I'm an atheist and all but its all still important to me. I also tend to have a guilty conscience if I do something wrong and will usually apologize to people when I messed up.

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    The sex yes, the stealing no. First, the chance of the first ever happening now is so remote, why not dream? The theft thing is always possible, but I am not a thief.

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    Integrity is being honest when no one is looking. I think it's very important for your own conscience. Besides... Everyone knows the truth gets out in the end.

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    My own integrity is of the highest importance.

    If we cannot trust ourselves, how can we expect others to?

    Equally important, if our own standards are so poor, how could we believe others to be of high moral standards?

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    Integrity is connected to our "Consciousness". We should resist all curruptions of the soul with our entire might and maintain inner purity and morality.

    Source(s): my own view.
  • it is very important 2 a lot of person including me. it is quite important. u muz have it as u muz be a honest person.

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