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"Reflexive pronoun used with prepositions"答案

1. They are looking at their photo. Who are they looking at in the photo?

2. She lives alone. Who does she live with?

3. We make sandwiches for our lunch. Who do you make sandwiches for?

4. I bought some trousers. Who did you buy these trousers for?

5. Todd made a delicious meal to eat. Who did Todd make a delicious meal for?


6. She painted a self portrait. Who did she paint a picture of?

7. I was allowed to go on the slide alone.Who did you go on the slide with?

Update 2:

8. Erica feels ashamed because she lied to her mother. Who is Erica ashamed of?

9. Bob was talking but he was alone. Who was Bob talking to?

10. Paul was pleased when he did well in the test. Who was Paul pleased with?

Update 3:

書本例子﹕1. They were talking to each other.

Who were they talking to?

答﹕They were talking amongst themselves.

為什麼: 用amongst themselves?

Update 4:

書本例子:2. Jill went on holiday alone.

Who did Jill go on holiday with?

答:Jill went on holiday by herself.

為什麼: 要用by herself?

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    1. They are looking at themselves in the photo.

    2. She lives by herself.

    3. We make sandwich by ourselves.

    4. I buy these trousers for myself.

    5. Todd made a delicious meal for himself.

    6. She painted a picture of herself.

    7. I went on the slide by myself.

    8. Erica is ashamed of herself.

    9. Bob was talking to himself.

    10.Paul was pleased with himself.

    I cannot really help in explaining but you can see whether my sentences will help. It's ok I don't get the points, just wanna help.

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