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understanding and using English grammar 是在教甚麼的?謝謝各位大大

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    1. 說明與練習旨在訓練學生英語的溝通能力,針對聽、說、寫等技巧的整體設計

    2. 練習部份包括口頭及書寫兩種方式,落實語法的學習及應用

    3. 以圖表方式簡化語法要點的說明,例句清楚適切,有助於了解文法結構與應用

    4. 例句與練習的句子均為道地實用的英語,內容也與現代美、加地區人士的日常生活相關,可供學生模仿學習

    5. 語法解說、例句、練習等豐富,足供各種授課與評量練習之需,使學生達到熟能生巧的境地

    The communicative aspects of Understanding and Using English Grammar are more fully developed and explicit in the third edition. There are numerous "real communication" opportunities for the teacher to exploit. The text often uses the students' own life experiences as context and regularly introduces topics of interest to stimulate the free expression of ideas in structured as well as open discussions. The text supports the view of many experienced teachers that grammar-based and communicative approaches are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually supportive and can co-exist in the same language program, even in the same class, even in the same lesson.

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