In the movie... Die Hard with a Vengeance ... explain this to me...?

How dod Bruce willis get 4 gallons on water problem solved. I heard what he said and didn't understand it.

Also I didn't know the elephant joke about what has four legs and is always ready to travel.

I kind of feel bad since I laughed at him for not knowing the St. Ives riddle!

Help me understand the puzzles.

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    You fill up a three gallon container and dump it into a five gallon container. Then fill up the three gallon container again adn dump it into the 5 gallon container too, but only 2 gallons will fit becuase you already have 3 in it. That leaves you with 1 gallon left in the three gallon container. Now dump all the water out of the 5 gallon container and poor the remaining 1 gallon from the 3 gallon container into the 5 gallon container. Fill up the three gallon again. 1 gallon is in the 5 gallon container, adding the three gallons will make it 4 gallons of water.

  • 6 years ago

    Good job with the water riddle BUT the movie solved the other way. "2 gallons in the 3 gallon and 5 in the 5 gallon" (watch the movie again) so they poured 1 gallon from the 5 into the 3 leaving the magic 4 gallons. So how did they get to that point? Easy fill the 5 gallon container and pour into the 3 gal container. Then pour out the 3 gallon from the 3 gallon container and pour the remaining 2 gallons (from the 5). So now were at 2 gallon in the 3 and 0 in the 5. fill the 5 up and then pour 1 gallon into the 3 (that only has 2 gallon in it) from the 5 gallon container. That the other way and both ways work but this way is how it was done in the movie.

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    1 decade ago

    lets start with the elephant

    What has 4 legs and is always ready to travel

    trunk (4 legs and ready for travel)

    as for the 4 gallons: the three gallon jug only has 3 gallons so he filled that then used it to fill another gallon

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yay, Melissa wins.

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