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Does Kim Jong-il realistically have a use for nuclear bombs?

Or are they just an extension of his penis? Could he ever conceivable use them on anyone without being obliterated?

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    Nuclear weapons are built in order to not need to use them.

    Basically, Kim Jong-il wanted more assurance that he would not be invaded or toppled easily. China protected him for a while, but they're tired of his games, and the US presence in South Korea leaves in him a difficult position. Russia could also easily play power games, and he'd be left as nothing more but a pawn.

    North Korea is now able to strike South Korea, Japan, parts of Russia, and China with nuclear weapons. The US isn't going to let Japan be hit by nuclear weapons again, they're now a very close ally and important trading partner.

    "Dear Leader" knows if he launches even one nuke, that is going to result in carpet bombing of the entirety of North Korea until there's nothing left. However, he can insist that if military force is even suggested against him, he's going to start launching nukes.

    They're not a reasonable offensive weapon, but they're a hell of a defensive weapon.

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    Probably not, America has quite a few ICBMs pointing that way, and I imagine the Russians do too. However the threat of obliteration may not be enough with a nut-job like Kim.

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    It's really just protection against invasion. Like Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons, but Saddam wanted people to believe he did so that countries like Iran didn't invade.

    North Korea is now a little safer from invasion because nobody knows if he is crazy enough to use them if he was going to lose a war and his power anyway.

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    Do any of us realistically have a use for nuclear bombs? How many times do we REALLY need to be able to destroy the entire world?

    Isn't once enough?

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    he has a great use for them ... he sells his country's capabilities in weapons [missiles and bombs both] to other countries for the cash he needs to feed his people and his ego.

    Source(s): you don't think Iran and Syria are building these new and better missiles based entirely on their own know-how, do you?
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    They DO serve a purpose: They deter a potential US invasion of North Korea. That's why they have them. That's why Iran wants them.

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