Rate this fantasy baseball team please!?

This is a 10-player 5x5 league. I had some delays and my day didn't go as projected so my team ended up getting autopicked.

C K. Johjima

1B R. Howard

2B I. Kinsler

3B G. Atkins

SS J. Hardy

OF L. Berkman

OF B. Abreu


UT D. Ortiz

BN J. Bruce

BN B. Butler

BN J. Thome

SP J. Lackey

SP C. Young

RP T. Percival

RP E. Gagne

P Z. Greinke

P K. Escobar

P F. Liriano

BN B. Wilson

I know Escobar is injured, I know my closers are really iffy, I know my bench isn't very balanced. I just got Bruce, Butler, and Thome for potential value that I could trade later for players I need, like pitchers because when I needed to draft them, the value wasn't there. Comments, advice, detailed analysis will be rewarded with 10 points.



1. 12 team league, not 10.

2. My 3rd OF is Matt Holliday

3. I had the 9th pick.

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    I'd rate this team a 7.

    C - Johjima is a solid catcher.

    1B - Howard is one of the best. He'll really boost your HR's.

    2B - Kinsler is one of the few 20/20 guys at this position.

    SS - Hardy has some potential for power, but there are better options.

    3B - Atkins is fairly consistent and is a good option.

    OF - Very good here. Berkman is great and he's versatile, and Holliday will hopefully repeat his stats from last year.

    Bench - Ortiz is great, but the rest is a big question mark. Thome still has power, but he's been spending lots of time on the DL. Both Butler and Bruce are inexperienced. Even though they are good sleepers, I'd trade one.

    SP - Lackey is a great starter and when healthy, Young is an ace as well. Obviously Escobar is injured and hopefully Liriano will return to form. He's going to be late to spring training because of Visa problems.

    RP - Again could use some work. Wilson won't get many save oppurtunities even if he is the closer, and I don't like Percival or Gagne (I'm a Sox fan).

    You have a surplus of guys who can play 1B (Howard, Ortiz, Berkman, Thome), so I'd trade one of them for a guy like Carl Crawford or Ichiro. Kinsler and and aging Abreu won't cut it for steals. I would also trade for a more consistent closer, even a guy like Bobby Jenks.

    Hope I helped!

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    if you had the 9th pick you got a great team but your relief pitching is a little iffy but overall you have a solid team

    C K. Johjima- not bad but this is probably your weakest link

    1B R. Howard- outstanding gonna have an awesome season if injury free

    2B I. Kinsler- solid player should be consistent

    3B G. Atkins- proved himself in playoffs

    SS J. Hardy- ok just ok

    OF L. Berkman- getting old but should have decent season

    OF B. Abreu- even though he didnt do outstanding last year you will be able to count on him to do good

    OF- ?

    UT D. Ortiz- of course an awesome ballplayer

    BN J. Bruce- trade because he is going to have a blah season

    BN B. Butler- same as above

    BN J. Thome- good he can still crank a baseball

    SP J. Lackey- not bad should do pretty good

    SP C. Young- ok

    RP T. Percival- aging dont expect an awesome season

    RP E. Gagne- not the same as the old gagne

    P Z. Greinke- little iffy

    P K. Escobar- when not injured good

    P F. Liriano- trade him period.

    BN B. Wilson- alright give him a shot

  • Pitching could be a concern. You look solid in terms of power numbers like HR, RBIs with Holliday, Ortiz, Thome, Howard, Berkman. Where are the stolen bases gonna come from? Abreu? The weak point is definitely the pitching. I would probably rate it a 6 out of 10.

    I say you definitely need to trade your big name power guys to help in other categories. Good luck this season.

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    Thats a fairly good team for 9th pick. Concerns are a poor bench. This team is very risky, it could turn out great or fail miserably. Whos your third OF?

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    You should do well, but I would trade Thome and one of your closers to upgrade. Wilson may close in SF this year, but their team is sh!tty at best, so his save chances should be few and far between.

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    in case you prefer my easy opinion, im not gonna get ideal answer. your going to grant ideal answer to whoever says "wow ur team is a 10/10 so good omg i such as you". nicely, I could be easy, your team is in all hazard going to be scuffling with to evade final place on your league. prince fielder is rather great, yet ur following few alternatives have been questionable. crawford is physically powerful for difficulty-free and steals, yet not plenty else. mags is rather good too, yet thats approximately it. polanco is a a million stat guy, johjima is a 0 stat guy, lowell is transforming into older, renteria has in no way been that great plus he's transforming into older. your pitching team has smoltz, hudson, then rubbish. rafael soriano is physically powerful, yet you have in basic terms like 4 good gamers on your team. my team in a 12 guy league has a-rod, bj upton, garrett atkins, curtis granderson, bobby abreu, hideki matsui on offense, which might rather spoil yours. my pitching team includes john lackey, fracisco liriano, james shields, that's extra powerful than yours too. im not in basic terms attempting to gloat, yet i'm hoping your league is a sixteen guy league in the different case your not triumphing something except you sign this years ryan braun

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    Your hitting looks money man... But pitching its bit concerning... Lackey was pretty amazing but he had too much loss and was not solid... I'd say trade couple of your hitters for pitcher like Verlander

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    Nice they are great

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