In San Andreas the guys in white hoodies.?

Who are they. They always fire back when you aim at them. CJ also tells them to get out of here. Whats the purpose of them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They are all of us; they are the lost generation of gamers - mindless drones, programmed to react to violence with violence. There is no thought involved, only reaction.

    The story behind this is that one of the developers from Rockstar North (the people who make the GTA games) thought that the GTA series was moving in the wrong direction - away from the ironic and sarcastic tone of the early games and more towards pointless violence. As a last protest before quitting Rockstar North, the developer created this gang as a sort of philosophical protest. It was not caught before the game was released, and the developer, having taken a more ethically sound job at Microsoft, went unpunished.

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    I don't know what the other guy's on, but these are Drug Dealers. You'll notice the large amount of cash on them when they die? That's drug money. They're all armed, and CJ doesn't like them because he doesn't like drugs. The guys in Jeans and Black singlets are druggies too. Kill all you can. In one mission, that's all you have to do. Kill the druggies. Great cash and great source of pistol ammo, and all without killing cops/gang members. Love it!

    Happy Playing!

    Source(s): Have completed (100%) San Andreas
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