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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsOther - Diseases · 1 decade ago

Does anyone know if anyone suffering from an Aids related illness is ever refused a drug because of cost?

I observe that the Government and NHS are extremely tight-fisted when it comes to paying for English people to obtain drugs.

I wonder if there is a special dispensation for Gays?

You know: like there is for Scotsmen!


Hi Mindy

You are right about the pen-pushers!

Every year 20,000 English people are allowed to go blind because Brown won't pay for treatment!

But he'll use English taxpayers money to pay for the Scots to have the eye treatment!

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    1 decade ago
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    VINCEY BABE! Welcome back!

    I work for the nhs and h8 to tell you, but yes this is the case quite often - seems to be whether your face fits with certain consultants? disgusting but true!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not only medication for AIDS related illnesses that get refused on the basis of cost. You just have to pick up local newspapers to read about people suffering from cancer or other diseases who have to raise funds to buy their own medication because their local NHS trust won't fund it even although there is evidence that the treatment can SAVE their lives. Money seems to come before saving people and I thought that the buisness of the NHS was to save people, that includes everyone whether they have AIDS or anything else, straight, gay or whatever. The NHS is supposed to promote equality and diversity and not make disinctions, I guess they do - they don't spend the money on anyone. Spend plenty on overpaid pen pushers though. So wrong.

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  • 3 years ago


    Source(s): Kidney Treatments
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