Is marijuana SMOKE illegal?

I know the consquences of selling, buying, and holding marijuana (the actual plant) but is it legal to sell a bottle of the actual smoke. I've found a way to bottle it and store it for awhile and I'm not planning on going crazy with it but I was wondering if there are laws in America that prohibite the selling, holding, and buying of the actual smoke.

To restate myself in a clearer way if a cop were to pull me over and I were to have 12 oz. bottles filled with marijuana smoke could I get in trouble or is there a loop hole in the system.

You might regard this as a stupid question but I honestly have no idea and I'm not a drug dealer or anything like that, I smoke occasionally and thats about it.

Any answers are greatly appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    ---The Down Side--- :(

    The smoke contains THC, once the THC sticks to the side of the bottle it's illegal.

    However, since you had to burn the plant to get that smoke you could just sell the plant. Plus, I'd be hesitant to buy it based on the fact that I'd feel you had to blow smoke into a bottle or something and that's pre-breathed-air and I have a thing about that. :(

    ---The Good Part---

    I like your ingenuity and the way you laugh in the face of danger and adversity. You found a way to bottle smoke and tried to get around the law, that was pretty creative. I've never heard of selling bottled smoke, and I've heard of some zany ideas.

    I didn't regard this as a stupid question at all actually, I think it was a good one! If it weren't for the resinated 12 oz bottles, the plan would work out because if you could find a way to sell just smoke that would work. No resinated wall, no container to confiscate. You're thiiiis close to perfecting this plan. :)

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    If you think about it it's a great idea. the only problem is that when you smoke out of a bong and let smoke sit in the chamber for more than 10-20 seconds, the smoke gets stale and bad tasting. most people wouldn't pay for something like that when they could just smoke the real thing. not to mention someone isn't going to pay any more than about 1-2 dollars for one hit. the bud needed to get this amount of smoke would cost more like 5-10 dollars so you would be losing money.

  • 1 decade ago

    The term "drug paraphernalia" comes to mind...

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