What do "evolution", "intelligent design" and "creationism" mean?

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    Evolution - Natural selection (survival of the fittest) acting upon beneficial mutations (copying errors in the genetic code) over millions of years; all living things are modified descendants of a common ancestor that lived in the distant past.



    Creationism - God (as revealed in the Bible) created the different "kinds" of plants and animals to reproduce after their kind (baraminology). They have great variability and adaptability, but they are still dogs and bacteria, etc. The creation is less than 10,000 years old.



    ID - So many people these days are confusing biblical creationism with intelligent design. "Intelligent Design is the study of patterns in nature that are best explained as the result of intelligence" (Dr. William Dembski). That's it; it says nothing of who the creator is and how he/she/it/they did it. Intelligent Design encompasses every "creation" story, even aliens seeding life on this planet. Theistic evolution fits under that umbrella.




    The debate is often described as “creationism vs. evolution,” as if the “ism” should not apply to “evolution.” This is not accurate, because believing in evolution, like believing in creation or ID, requires acceptance of a certain presuppositional dogma and requires placing one’s faith in a story about the unrepeatable past.

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    Evolution is basically change over time, in the scientific sense it means that many small changes over long periods of time many help organisms survive better in some environments while organisms without the changes do not survive as well. This is a well supported theory (in science this means proven fact).

    Creationism is the belief/school of thought that the Biblical creation story is 100% accurate, and that 10,000's of scientist for the last 150 years have been lying to the public and have missed simple scientific principles that any pastor can find, which totally disprove evolution.

    Intelligent Design is a failed hypothesis, that basically states that some features of life are too complex to have gradually developed and that all such "complexity" must have been designed. It failed as there is no evidence to support it and that the designer would also have to be very complex and therefore would also need to be designed.


    Regardless of what people "believe", the theory of evolution is proven and is regarded as having more evidence than the theories of relativity and gravity.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since my research for an English project just covered these 3 areas, I can help with your question. Evolution means that an idea/thing came from a lower base and rose to a higher degree of advancement. Intelligent design comes under a culture merging with another culture until only one prevalent idea/thing emerges and Creationism is the idea that all life has a beginning and was begun in the same way-usually with a higher being/supernatural intelligence. All three can be related if you are referring to religion because many cultures/religions combine parts of all three. Guard Dog

    Source(s): Google History National Geographic.com Winipedia.com
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    Evolution is NOT a proven fact. All evolutionist have are theories; evolution can not be scientific fact because it cannot to be tested in a lab. Intelligent design-the idea that God created the world with an intelligent design in mind explaining the similarities in the creatures on earth. Creationism-the belief in creation as the explanation for how life came to be.

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    I regret seeing that many people who have posted above have not actually answered your question, but have instead posted propoganda promoting their particular side of the debate. I will give you straightforward definitions of each of these terms:

    "Evolution" is a scientific theory asserting that populations of organisms change over time. It says that generation after generation, organisms that have traits that help them survive will reproduce more often, and therefore pass those traits on to their offspring. In this way, species will slowly change in order to better adapt to their environment. The theory also says that it is through this process that all present day life on earth arose from a common ancestor, much the same as the way your family tree shows you and all your brothers, sisters, and cousins to arise from the same grandparents. Proponents of evolution often cite advances in genetics, observations from current ecosystems, and many fossils from the fossil record to support the theory.

    "Creationism" is the idea that God created the earth, and all of the life forms on it. It asserts that all the creatures on the earth, including humans, were separately designed by God, and most people who believe this idea are very much opposed to the idea of evolution. There are many different forms of creationism, so it is really a blanket term for many different variations on this belief, but the common form of creationism that many Christians identify with is that God created the earth, humans, and animals about 6000 years ago. About 4000 years ago, there was a global flood, during which Noah and his family saved a male and female of each species of animal and carried them on the Ark, and present day life arose from the branching out of humans and animals that were saved on the Ark. Proponents of creationism believe that the bible gives a literal account of human history, and that much of the scientific evidence allegedly supporting evolution is flawed.

    "Intelligent design" is the idea that some intelligent being designed life, rather than life evolving through time. Proponents of this idea cite examples of complex structures in living things that they feel could not have evolved via natural, mechanistic processes but instead require some sort of designer who knew how to build biological systems. The idea does not specify that the designer is God, but its basic tenets are extremely similar to creationism. It is a more recent term that has been used only in the past decade or so, and has been alleged to be nothing more than creationism repackaged with a fancier title in order to make it easier to get into public school science curriculums.

    I hope this answers your question. There many websites on each of these topics that should be easy to find with a Google search, and will give you a lot of detailed information.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All Creationists oppose the idea of Evolution

    Most Intelligent Design proponents deny Evolution

    but some support it.....ie they believe Evolution to

    be a directed process subject to an "intelligent agency."

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  • 1 decade ago

    Evolution - the gradual genetic mutations over time cause change in living things. Here's a cool video for a visual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX4pXFhZA28

    Youtube thumbnail

    Creationism - that all living things were created by some supreme being about 6000 years ago.

    Intelligent design - it is used two different ways. For the most part, it is a fancy name for Creationism. It is, on rare occasion, used to describe the believe that a supreme being created all living things and used evolution to do it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Evolution is the very reason we step foot on earth and make our impression in the world. First we must develop our own expectations of ourselves becuse we are our worst critic. Dominate that and overcome that fear of what the world may think or what matters in the world is not what god intended for us to learn to develop. We are all design for something and the brillaint idea of it all is that it is beyond our ego and that it is in the most sacred thing we as humans hold.....a soul. God has persona;;y gave us a design to guide us and the inevitable is to surrender to it's will.. This is what makes us great, and this is what brings us to become Gods,. We are god but not our own

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  • 3 years ago

    clever layout is the thought that the worldwide as all of us realize it extremely is basically too complicated to have befell by danger, hence, it might desire to have been designed via something. clever layout does not attempt to describe the dressmaker or its approach of layout. The dressmaker would desire to be God or extraterrestrial beings or another unknown. the tactic would have been evolution, sporadic advent, or another potential. Creationism, onn the different hand, teaches that the worldwide as all of us realize it became into created via God in accordance to the define given in Genesis. I, in my opinion, enroll in Creationism meaning, via default, I additionally enroll in clever layout.

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  • Visit this link for an intro to Evolution: http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/faq-intro-to-biolo...

    This article on Wikipedia is ranked as a "featured article", meaning it's one of the best articles on the site: http://tinyurl.com/8o6sw

    Creationism can be summed up thusly: "A magic man done it".

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