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Green card holders!!! traveling?

I'm a green card holder and want 2 travel outside the U.S. but my passport expired back in august 2007. Can i still travel with da same passport or just with a green card?

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    u need to renew ur passport and us both green card and passport to come back

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  • Fred S
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    1 decade ago

    All you need to return to the U.S. is the green card provided you are returning to an unrelinquished domicile after a temporary trip abroad. The U.S. will not require you to have a valid passport.

    However, the country where you want to go may want you go have a valid passport. You can check with the airlines or with that country's authorities.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    outside the USA requires a PASSPORT a VALID passport

    sorry dude, need to apply for a new passport before you fly

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  • laub
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    3 years ago

    That relies upon on the rustic you're travelling to, regardless of the shown fact that maximum international places require a passport on the area of get admission to. you will possibly additionally want a passport to get decrease back into usa of america. the guidelines may well be slightly diverse for Mexico and Canada, however the regulations are being replaced so as that even U.S. voters want a passport, even for Mexico and Canada. So definite, you will in all probability want a passport. you do not continually choose one to go away the rustic, yet you do choose one to get decrease back in.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No to both. You can't travel on the green card, nor can you travel on an expired passport. You'll need to renew it.

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