How to approach my Arab girlfriend to have sex with me?

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We been dating for 6 months and i'm scared to open this topic with her. we kissed but dunno if she is ready to have sex or willing to have sex because of her family and her more
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I think there's no harm in bringing up the topic with her. You've been going out for quite some time so you should be comfortable discussing things. Ask what her thoughts on sex are in general. Ease into it by telling how much you like her and how you would want to take your relationship to another level physically. Then ask how she feels and how she views sex before marriage. Make absolutely sure that she won't think you're trying to pressure her. I think she'll be flattered to know that you want her and you too will benefit from the conversation since you'll know where you stand in terms of the physical aspect of your relationship.
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  • EXCALIBUR answered 6 years ago
    Real Muslims (as well as real Christians) don't commit adultery.
    Sex comes after marriage, no kidding.
    If she commits sex with u before marriage, she'll have serious problems with her family at least.

    If u love her, then u should marry her.
    If u just want to flirt, leave that girl right now.

    Arab girls or Muslim girls don't play games or make sex before marriage.

    (I'm Muslim woman)
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  • Ash answered 6 years ago
    Im not Arab but if you love her and she loves you then im sure it would be ok. But im not an expert. just be casual and maybe search it on the internet ask her about her religion and hopefully you do actually love her and not just for sex
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  • T-Mac answered 6 years ago
    I am a Christian and all guys my age (highschool) have sex and drink n stuff like anyone else. I don't think in this case would be any different.
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