Can a Television (TV) be more powerful than a parent?

in teaching truth and spirituality?

Or can a tv TRUMP parental teachings?

If so, why does this happen?


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    The answer is volume. Not the volume of the TV nor of the parent......but in the percentage of viewing time.

    If the parents are mostly absent, even when they're present, and the child is fed a large, daily dose of TV, then yes, the TV would prove more powerful.

    If the parents actually Talk to their kids daily, and Play with them, and Interact with them, and BE there for them, and welcome their friends, and encourage, and discipline, and counsel, and regulate the amount and type of TV programming viewed (usually by example), then the Parent takes their rightful spot as the more powerful of the two.

    The child learns most by observing. So if the Parents make a "normal" home, whatever that is, for the child to grow up in, it the parents actually love each other, talk to each other, spend time with each other, flirt with each other, etc., then the child will learn that is how a husband and wife interact regardless of the crap they see on TV. If the parents merely co-exist in the same house, the child will tend to the horrible examples of husbands and wives displayed on TV....(no, not all couples on TV are bad...but the majority are).


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    The programming certainly can. People who create televisions shows, particularly shows with kids as the target audience, know what they're doing. They know about psychology, marketing, what works and what doesn't, and most of their material is run on test audiences to see how receptive the TV audience will be, how long their interest is sustained, etc. About the "truth and spirituality" bit...a TV show will teach whatever the person who created it wants to teach, whether it's truth or not, which is why kids' exposure to certain media should be limited and kids taught to think critically at a young age. If the parent is absent too much, or an ineffective teacher, the TV will take their place as a source of information.

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    It absolutely can!! When/why does this happen? When parents LET it. Using the TV as an electronic babysitter, not keeping tabs on what the kids are watching (and thus not countering any negative messages they may be getting), letting children watch hours on hours of TV, etc.

    In short, when parents stop parenting, and the TV takes over...yes, TV can be more powerful than a parent.

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    We all talk about responsible parents will limit our kids TV time, but what happens when your teenager gets home before you get off work (my kids get home at 3pm and we don't get home until after 6, because of commute time). So, that leaves a lot of unsupervised time in front of the TV.

    Our solution...

    We no longer have TV in our home. Now, it was for other reasons as well...I found I was addicted to watching TV and it caused a lot of fights. ALso, the kids were watching a lot more Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and MTV instead of the Discovery or History Channel.

    So, about 3 years ago, we got rid of TV in our home...

    What's been the result? After the first year, we really don't miss it. In fact, we have cable TV with our Internet and phone package, but we just have not bothered to hook it up. And you know what? When I suggested hooking it up, our 16 year old told us she didn't want it hooked up, because she would only waste time watching it.

    We have a lot of DVDs and Movies instead and an Xbox and Nintendo 360 and a computer with Internet Access.

    This may not work for everyone out there, but it works for us...

    Now tell me, have we really missed anything because we don't have access to Desparate Housewives, Lost, MTV and House?

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    I don't know where you are going to find truth on a tv set, but you can give it a try. But yes kids have a tv specific attention span now. About 30 seconds long. And obsorb about 1000 adverts a day, 300 being specifically telling them to have sex on a subliminal level. So yes it's powerful, very, and the media knows and exploits that grossly.

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    In some cases, as kids spend a lot of time in front of the TV.

    But parents are still more powerful in overall teachings about truth and spirituality.

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    If they're exposed to the tv more often than they're exposed to the parent, yes.

    I am teaching a 7-year-old boy who still doesn't know the alphabet. He has seen all the R-rated "Scream" movies, lots of times, however. If his parents had sat him in front of Sesame Street instead of slasher flicks, this kid might have a chance in life. IT's very sad.

    (Edit) Heathen, yup. There are a few kids like this. Their parents were teens when they had them and the boys are just going to get lost, you can tell already. I read one of them his first Dr. Seuss book the other day. He was delighted with it. We send books home with them, for the families to keep - but the parents just don't bother.

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    some television application's coach little ones a thank you to be disrespectfull to human beings, to human beings such ministers or maybe is not sturdy and not considered very healthful. yet some application's are very sturdy and coach our little ones lots. basically like something there is sturdy and undesirable in each and every thing. while this is undesirable mum and dad could hire the off button.mum and dad additionally should observe television with them and not use the television as a babysitter.It fairly does impact us,even adults.

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    1 decade ago

    Can a Television (TV) be more powerful than a parent?


  • 1 decade ago

    Sadly yes.

    Unfortunately in many cases TV is stronger than a parent, but that's only because there are so many parents who don't even try to be parents at all.

    But real parents are a million times stronger than TV.

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