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Should I accept this? it is a H2H 12-TEAM LEAGUE?

I would get: Andrea Bargnani, Vince Carter, T.J. Ford, Hedo Turkoglu

I would Trade: Tyson Chandler, Baron Davis, Al Harrington

Rest of his team: Chris Bosh, Caron Butler, Marcus Camby, Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, Allen Iverson, Rashard Lewis, Michael Redd, David West

Rest of my team: Elton Brand, Jamal Crawford, Kevin Garnett, Manu Ginobili, Devin Harris, Kirk Hinrich, Andre Iguodala, Stephen Jackson, Hakim Warrick, Dorell Wright

I really think I should counter it bcuz he is in my division and undefeated! and i have 2 losses..... also becuz he would hav Deron Williams, B-Diddy, and A.I.!

What should my counter offer be? or should I just accept it?


What about I trade Harrington and Chandler for Hedo.... then pick up Mark Blount?

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    Do not accept it. I wouldn't trust Bargnani, he might go cold again. Also, T.J. Ford doesn't really have much value anymore with Calderon now the main PG in Toronto. TC is too much to give up for VC, and Baron and Harrington are just too good to make that trade work in your favor. Hold on to Baron, see if you can get Rudy Gay for Ginobli and Wright. Try to get one of his guards, especially Rudy Gay, he is on a tear in Memphis, even more now that Pau Gasol is gone. He gets over 20 a game, over 6 rebounds, maybe even 10+ sometimes, and other things like 3s also. He is among the top 20 fantasy players for last month.

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    I definetely wouldn't do that trade. Ford is nearly worthless now that Calderon is starting. He's not scoring and barely getting any assists. I don't like Bargnani either. He's too inconsistent and isn't a good option. Chandler is great for FG%, rebounds, and blocks, and Davis will get tons of assists, steals, and three's.

    I would say to give up Chandler, Jackson, and Crawford for Bosh and Hedo/David West.

    Stay away from giving up Davis. He's extremely valuable to your team.

    Also in my opinion, Chandler is as good as Hedo depending on your needs.

    Hope I helped!

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