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Dogs don't really go bow wow wow but people say they do?

yeah like people imitating dogs go "bow wow wow" but that sounds nutin like a dog!


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    Depends on the dogs too...I have 2 dogs and they don't bark the same. My chow mix has a cessation of barks, typically 3 in a row. My rottie mix will typically let out 1 deep bark, wait a second then let off with a couple in a row.

    Plus, I agree with the person who stated, it depends on your perception. Not everyone is going to hear exactly the same thing.

    Source(s): Owner of 2 very good watchdogs.
  • blum
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    3 years ago

    that's variety of impossible to offer an evidence for--my Shelties (maximum in lots of circumstances my male, Sam) make this "gnawwwww" sound whilst they get extremely joyful, and in a position to play. as quickly as I get residence and head as much as the barn, Sam will walk alongside component of me, doing this the entire device up. it somewhat is stunning--tremendously much as though he's telling me approximately his day. And he constantly has a grin on his face :) Abby's although on the part of making domestic dog grunts, which could be constantly stunning. Holly with ease has an physically powerful bark-she now no longer generally makes use of it, whether it actual is so deep and majestic, it surprises me each and every time. She apart from snores. And on an identical time as Lexy plops down, she'll enable loose this vast grunt/sigh that seems to assert "i'm exhausted--rub my abdomen!"

  • Anonymous
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    Not sure about Bow wow wow, but my dog definitely does a WOOF. it sounds just like a person saying "woof".

  • lizzy
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    because people interpret sounds differently. for example. in the U.S. we think cats say 'meow' but in japan they hear 'niau'. and if you listen closely to a dog barking, you can sort of hear where the bow wow wow is.

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    Listen to a Bloodhound bark-- it is very much a "bow wow wow" kinda drawn out..

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    Whoa, you've really opened up a can of worms here, Kelsey.

    I agree it goes more like "boof!

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    i think they're immitating the beagle or some other dog that barks. it could be a blood hound also.

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    yeah and grape tastes nothing like grapes, its one of life's great mysteries

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    because they cant make the real noise. Or they just kidding.

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