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The Israel lobby - The influence of AIPAC on US Foreign Policy?

How much power does AIPAC really have? Can one become president of the US w/o AIPAC's approval?


Persianowitz: As far as I recall, John Mearsheimer & Walt are Americans & they do think that AIPAC has a lot of influence on US foreign policy.

This is a little reading for your pleasure:

Update 2:

riviva: I think the word is "influence." & that is exactly the problem! You only know if you do pick up a book. The people who don't know, are not readers.

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    AIPAC has ENORMOUS influence over US policies, and anyone who thinks that we can elect a president without their approval is truly fooling themselves...or maybe just a downright fool.

    One case in point was former California governor Jerry Brown's quest for the Democratic nomination for the presidency a number of years ago. He and his would-be running mate, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, were going like wildfire UNTIL they publicly announced their support for a Palestinian state, saying "Fair is fair." Following that, their campaign completely---and sadly----deflated.

    Keep in mind Gloria, that a good number of US congresspeople and senators have dual Israeli/US citizenship.

    Anyone who doubts AIPAC's lopsided influence in the United States really needs to read "They Dare to Speak Out" by former US Congressman Paul Findlay. It's quite an expose of the US's detrimental and parasitic relationship with Israel.

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    I don't think lobbies have influence on the candidates during an election. But lobbies have a huge influence pressing the flesh of the legislatures once the politician is in office. The proof how effective AIPAC is should be measured in how many grant dollars are allocated to their cause, in this case, the country of Israel. The US Department of State is very reluctant to itemize by countries how our money is being spent. But the annual figure per Israeli citizen the US expends is about $20k / $24k.

    Because we are going to modernize Israel's air force, a defense contractor in Fort Worth will keep it's assembly plant in production. That's how complicated the scenarios can become. Dubya, obviously, an influential politician who happens to come from Texas.

    Russia and China are prohibited by law -- artifact of the Commie Hunt Days -- from lobbying the US Congress. Russia, expressly, would request they can lobby. Russia has oil fields in development. Russia would like to guide our Congress.

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    Personally, after reading the book, and books that conflict it I believe AIPAC has less power than people make it out to be. They probably have as much power as CAIR. (The Counsel for American Islamic Relations)

    I don't like lobbyists at all... mostly the lobbyists from the tobacco industry haha.. anyone see "Thank You for Smoking"? Good movie.

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    They are hated and feared by many members of Congress for their intimidating and threatening behavior. They will bluntly order a U.S. Senator to vote for desired appropriations and make it very clear they will throw piles of money at his opponent in the next election if he/she is insufficiently obedient. The Harvard study cited was successfully blacked out by the U.S. media but is available online in an abridged version form a British website; it will also be published in the UK - but not the U.S. No president since JFK has acquired power against the will of AIPAC. This organ does not simply distort the American political process,it completely dominates it on any matter of concern to it. In any other domain business proceeds along normal lines,which actually serves to conceal the extent of their power. They should be banned as a highly subversive organization.

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    I just wanted to point out that CAIR is a religious organization that represents a minority group in the US (Muslims), while AIPAC is a foreign lobby group that represents another country (Israel), there is nothing similar between these two groups. One of them represents people living in the US, the other represents and looks out for the benefits of people in a country other than the US. It is relatively powerful, one of the 3 most influential lobby groups in the US (the Oil lobby is more influential though, and countries like Saudi Arabia have a big influence there)

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    AIPAC directly gives orders to Senators. That is clear.

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    The American policy is dictated in Tel Aviv…

    By the control they have on the mass media as well as on the financial sector in the US; the double loyal Zionist Jews had managed to control the whole American psyche…

    With their unholy pack with the pro-Israeli Neo-Cons Evangelical cults, that counts for over 50% of the politically active Americans, they have manipulated the twisted faith of those cults to their advantage; promoting to the idea of the Apocalyptic sign that Jews should win the war in the area for Jesus to come again and then Christianity could prevail, this delusion had led the Evangelical cults to stand firmly with Israel and its crimes…

    So; what the world is facing is daring and serious, the support that Israel is getting had shifted from common interest into theological common interest, thus the demise of Israel can be foreseen only after the defeat of the extremist Evangelical cults and their political wing the Neo-Cons in the States….

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    There is a huge question mark over AIPAC. Who here seriously knows what it is that they do? Many books have been written about their influence. I tend to believe that they are a nefarious organisation.

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    I find it funny that no one seems to ask this question about any other lobby.

    The reality of the situation is that AIPAC has no more and no less influence than any other large lobby group in Washington. To have a problem with them is to have a problem with lobbying in general. Yet, if you don't seem to have a problem with lobbying in general (as is the case here) then we may begin to wonder why the focus on Israel.

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    One can become Prez without their approval but like any very influential, well financed interest group, their backing is extremely helpful.

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