Woman gets 90 days for false rape accusations... your thoughts?


Woman gets 90 days for false rape accusations

By: Shawn R. Beals , Journal Inquirer

ENFIELD - A woman was sentenced Thursday to 90 days in prison for falsely accusing her ex-fiance of raping her.

The woman, Cariann Backus, 22, who lived in Enfield at the time of the accusations in 2006, pleaded guilty Jan. 24 and was sentenced Thursday by Judge Howard Scheinblum in Enfield Superior Court.

The victim, John Freed, told the judge that as a result of the accusations and his subsequent arrest, he had to abandon his education at Asnuntuck Community College. He explained that he lost grant money.

Freed also said he had to pay $4,500 for lawyers and post a $1,000 bond to be released from custody after spending two nights in the police lockup.

"She destroyed my character and reputation," he said when Backus entered the plea bargain last month.

Backus received a 30-day prison term for each of three false accusations, to be served consecutively.

She pleaded guilty to three counts each of falsely reporting an incident and making a false statement, both in the second degree.

After she is released from prison she will be on probation for three years, with 2¾ years of additional prison time hanging over her head for any violation of court-ordered conditions.

Those conditions included payment of $5,500 in restitution to Freed, having no contact with him, and continuing psychiatric treatment, with medication.

"You ruined that man's life," Scheinblum told Backus.

"I don't think he will ever know how sorry I am," she replied. She also asked for the judge to have mercy on her in imposing the sentence.

"I'm going to have mercy on you because I'm not going to put you in prison for three years," he replied angrily.

After he was arrested, Freed said through the court victim's advocate, Backus appeared in court and asked for him to go to jail because of the alleged rape.

He then made a point to stay home with someone else for more than a year so that he could have an alibi. When the allegations continued, Enfield police caught on and probed the reports, finding them to be false.

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    Rape is a serious accusation and shouldn't be thrown around by bitter ex'es. I am glad she is serving time, so that she and other women thinking of using the same terrible bitter revenge will think twice before doing so. I agree that she should have to pay for his lost tuition money and any other fees related to the law suit. I hope that this his community will be able to acknowledge that he is fully innocent.

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    there are actually VERY, VERY FEW false rape accusations made. I'm studying this in family law right now. For someone to come forward about a rape is GENERALLY an act of courage. the false accuser should not get off scott-free - if nothing else the person she victimized should look at a civil action. did he then go to the police and file a false arrest, etc report or did he just trust the system to reach out and correct itself?

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    1 decade ago

    Rape is an horrific crime that in my opinion is not reflected in the too lenient punishments rapists get. That said falsly accusing someone of rape is , on a social scare just as horrific. She got a slap on the wrist she needed to get much more. Think of how this will affect the poor victims out there that are afraid to come foreward. The world could do without vindictive people like her.Throw away the key.

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    Wait a minute!? I'm reading through some of these responses and I don't think the majority of people are recognizing the impact these allegations have on the accused. Clearly 90 days in jail is nowhere near enough time incarcerated for willingly perjuring and subsequently destroying the reputation of another. The pendulum will need to swing further than this resemble anything fair.

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    Three months isn't much considering he'd probably get at least 10 years, and likely a lot more, if he'd been found guilty. Three years sounds good, but I've never heard of a woman actually getting punished for this in the past, so it's a start I guess. The judge is right, this man will have this over him for the rest of his life. I've heard of stories where men accused of rape are attacked and killed by crazy people who believe in vigilante justice, this could've very easily happened to Freed.

    Whoever's in charge of his grant should give him an apology and give him the grant back. It won't happen, but it should.

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    1 decade ago

    Usually they dont get anything, so its unusual. Remember how those the Duke lacrosse players were accused and vilified for over a year?

    There are gals out there who will do these sorts of things. Certainly not the vast majority by any means, but they are out there. Mostly college girls who go out, have a few, and decide they want have sex. They regret it the next day and call it "date rape" or whatever, even if was totally consenting. The guy gets blamed, accused, and is slapped with a rape charge. Even if he is found innocent, just the accusation could ruin him for life.

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    Enfield Journal Inquirer

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    Journal Inquirer Enfield

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    An allegation of Rape can do untold harm to a man's reputation and lose him his job, friends; as well as the added stress and mental anguish in trying to prove innocence. I say serves her right. She played a part in ruining someone else so the same should happen to her. What goes around, comes around.

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    Good to see someone not get away with it. That guy's reputation will never recover though, and you can bet he has been through a very rough time.


    One thing Fereshte mentioned is worth emphasising: false rape accusations also undermine the real rape accusations. Those who cry wolf are doing a massive disservice to men and women alike.


    Ellesar W: Besides long-term implications of the trauma of an ordinary man being charged with a taboo crime (e.g. fear of how criminals might well abuse/rape him in jail) socially the guy now has to deal with a handicap; lots of people have a 'there's not smoke without fire' attitude, and in the future if anyone ever wants to undermine him they can throw the charges in his face again or talk behind his back. Sadly that's very often how people behave. If his life isn't ruined, you can be sure it will never be the same again. Even if he gets over it, not everybody else will.

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