What is the difference from your hard drive memory and your overall memory?

I'm going to get a new comp and I was looking through the Staples paper and it says a comp has 250gigs of HD memory and 1gig overall memory.What is the difference from them?????

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    The 'overall memory' they refer to is most likely RAM. There are many types of memory in your computer. The one's that you need to consider are:

    SYSTEM MEMORY: (RAM) - This is the fast acting memory within the system. This is used to store applications and files that are currently in use on the computer. The more there is the faster and more reliable your computer will be (broadly speaking).

    STORAGE MEMORY: (HDD) - This is the hard drive, permanent storage which is where your applications and data are stored long term. The more you have, the more you can store.

    GRAPHICS MEMORY: - This is memory on the actual graphics card, again the more there is the better your machine will act during games.

    This is a very simplistic explanation, but gives you a broad idea of what you are looking at.

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    The hard drive is used to store things permanently. It's where everything on your computer is. The problem is, that it is slow. That's why it takes a while for a computer to be booted.

    The other kind of memory is called RAM which stands for Random Access Memory. It's many times faster than a hard drive. The problem is that it gets blanked out every time the computer is rebooted or loses power. RAM acts like a temporary storage space. It's where programs and files live when they are open and running.

    The best analogy I've heard is that of a chef. The refrigerator is the hard drive where lots of food can be stored and the counter-space is where he keeps everything that he is working with. The more counter-space the chef has, the more he can do at a time.

    RAM is the most important factor in your computers performance. The more RAM you have, the more you can do with your computer.

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    Overall memory/RAM refers to the memory programs can use to run, the fastest memory needed for games/os etc. When the computer is turned off that memory is cleared, no data is saved in it.

    The HD memory or hard drive space is for storage this is where programs are installed for use when the computer is off. Some of the hard drive's space is used to cache the programs run and expand the 'overall' memory temporarily to speed up the reading of data from the hard drive.

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    250 gigs is the size of the hard drive. When something is placed there it stays until you delete it. I gig is the RAM memory. It is only temporary. Information is stored there until space is needed for something else or you turn off your computer. When you exceed the capacity of your RAM it moves some of the information to the hard drive to what is called the swap file or paging file. This can make programs run slower because the computer has to search for information.

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    250 gig is the size of the HD

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    250 GB of hard drive SPACE and 1GB of RAM. The hard drive spec is misleading, it isn't MEMORY, it is storage space on the hard drive

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    RAM is working memory

    The Hardrive is just a storage device.

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