what would your dream wwe match be for the wwe championship??

it can be any former or current wwe superstar and if you add detail you get 10points

you increase your chance of getting 10 points if you add your dream wrestlemania 24 (8matches at the most) including at least 4 title matches

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    1.john cena vs stone cold in a tlc match.stone cold gets a ladder and hits cena in the head with it then he goes outside and gets a steel chair.he sets it up and oh my god john just reversed a stunner.stone cold is down and whats this john is climbing the ladder.stone cold is up hes climbing it aswell their giving each other right hands at the top.stone cold has just suplexed cena on the steel chair of the ladder.stone cold is setting up for the stunner.stone cold hits the stunner and goes to the top of the ladder and gets the belt.

    2.wrestlemainia matches

    money in the bank. mr kennedy,rey mysterio,shelton benjaman,kane,kofi kingston,horswoggle,finley,batista.

    the rock vs shawn micheals

    match for the united states title.mvp vs matt hardy

    first blood match snitsky vs big daddy v

    interconternetal title on the line.jeff hardy vs chris jericho

    jbl vs mark henry

    wwe chapionship match.john cena vs triple h vs randy orton

    world heviweight championship match.the undertaker vs edge

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    1 decade ago

    Terry Funk Vs The Undertaker for the Wwe Title

    Dream Wrestlemania matches

    Shelton Benjamen Vs Rob Van Dam-Ecw Championship

    The Undertaker Vs The Rock

    Mankind Vs Kane

    Kurt Angle Vs Ric Flair

    WHC Edge Vs Stone Cold

    Wwe Championship Bret Hart Vs Sting

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    1 decade ago

    Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels in an Iron Man Match Rematch. I want Bret to have Shawn Michaels in a Sharpshooter and the time is ticking and then its 5 seconds, 4 seconds, 3 seconds, and then Shawn Michaels cant hold the pain any more so he just taps out and Bret wins.

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    1 decade ago

    all right my dream match, another 4 way tag team ladder match, with batista and rey, kane and undertaker, the hardys, and dx. but (this is an original idea) they have one title on one side of the ring and one on the other and the 2 who get them are tag team champions, and if one person gets both they pick who their tag partner is. wm24 ric flair vs. edge for heavy weight title because they both love to cheat, jbl vs. rey to settle an old grudge, chris jericho vs. orton because he didnt get a fair match last time, for the wwe championship, mick in a small cage against all of his alter egos (i mean him alone beating himself up) for the unretired harcore championship, a the match i first put at the top

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  • 1 decade ago

    Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle, one hour Iron Man match.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    edge vrs foley hardcore match best out of 3 falls for wwe championship

    edge comes out belt in hand with a written contract for 2 special enforcers of his choice at first evryone think oh the edge heads then like a blast from the past he yells get thes team 3d storms the ring carrying 11 tables anttacking them after they call out foley whu brought a little pal hornswoggle is holding a never before used weapon a barbwired shilaleigh and team 3d run edge hides under a table but due to hornswoggles smuggled lighter and oil the tables start to burn edge run out from under the table and spears hornswoggle the lights go off ecw origiinal sic plays the lights go on the dudleys are fighting there former friends the dudleys have the upper hand right now on ecw but this changes foley brings up a little familiar face socko he lures edge to the top if the arena bove the flaming tables if someone falls theyre done and burned oh god big daddy v is here and trying to support edge but is having trouble reaching the top of the arena finally vince mcmahon comes out and yells everyone except mick foley and edge leave now or your fired the rings cleared this next move determines their fate a punch to foley foleys groggy kick to the face by foley they both go flying off of the top of the arena foley goes face first to the outside of the ring leaving him unconcious but but edge gets slammed through 11 flaming tables for a half an they lie there untill foley gets up and pins edge twice in a row but as mick foley makes his victory speach we hear owwwwwwww avenue john cena comes out but then gets hit with a 9 iron and the camera fade

    wrestlemania 24

    wwe tag champs

    paul london & brian kendrick(c) vs the hardys tlc match

    winner the hardys

    united states title

    kane vs mvp(c) death match

    winner kane

    wwe champ match

    john cena vs foley(c) hardcore match

    winner foley

    world tag champ match

    deuce and domino(c) vs jimmy wang yang an the reject shannon moore ladder match

    winners deuce and domino

    world heavyweight title

    edge(c) vs hhh stretcher match

    winner HHH

    intercontinental title

    jeff hardy(C) vs santino marella

    winner jeff hardy

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    i would have to say my dream match for wwe title would be scott steiner vs brock lesnar vs goldberg vs triple h in a fatal four-way in a hell in a cell match. the winner is triple h, due to the interference of the clique (hall, nash, and hbk) and stephanie mcmahon.

    dream wrestlemania 24 is as follows:

    (not necessarily in this order)

    1. ladder match for intercontinental title- jimmy wang yang, rey mysterio, jeff hardy, sabu, rvd, and edge

    2. steel cage match- umaga vs. the big show

    3. us title match- mr kennedy vs. roddy piper

    4. no dq- fabulous moolah vs. lita

    5. 1 hour ultimate submission match- kurt angle vs. bret hart

    6. wwe championship match- john cena vs. hogan

    7. elimination chamber world heavyweight title match- stone cold vs. triple h vs. randy orton vs. the rock vs. brock lesnar vs. goldberg

    8. retirement/casket match- undertaker vs. ric flair

  • 1 decade ago

    Personally, I would like to see Cena vs. Austin.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would like to see Hbk Vs HHH Vs Stone Cold Vs The Rock in a hell in a cell match

    Lets Get to the action Part hbk and Hhh are on top of the cell Triplr h is going to hit the pedigree but then the rock hits wit the title on the back and triple h turns around and starts talking trash then he turns around BAng sweet chin music then the rock bottom hhh is out.Hbk And the rock start Brawling the Hbk sweet chin music rock falls of cell on to the annocuer table. Hbk Is Celberating but then he turns around Stone Cold Stunner The middle of the cell breaks open and hbk is about to fall through and stone cold thinks he did already but hbk pulls him self up then pushes him inside ther ring down from the top of cell were it broke. then hbk Breaks another peice then there is big space in on top were u could fall in then hbk went extreme and did a diving elbow from the top on stone cold his elbow stone cold wide open on the head and hbk barley gets his arm around and wins the Wwe Championship.

    Wrestlemania 24

    Ric Flair Vs Hulk Hogan( he returns) The Loser has to retire

    United States Championship

    Mvp Vs Matt hardy in a falls count anywhere match

    IC Championship

    Carlito vs Santino vs Y2J Vs Jbl vs Mr Kennedy

    World heavyweight

    Undertaker Vs Edge

    WWE Championship

    Cena Vs Triple h Vs Orton

    Mr. McMahon Vs Finaly Winner Gets To keep Hornswoggle

    Money in the bank

    Jeff hardy vs Rey vs Cm punk vs umaga vs Mark henry vs Snitisky

    Womens Championship

    Candince Vs Beth Vs Mickie Vs Ashely


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Six Man TLC match- Jeff Hardy vs. Brother Devon vs. Christian Cage vs. Brother Ray vs. Matt Hardy vs. Edge (WrestleMania rematch, this time for the WWE title)

    WrestleMania 24

    Undertaker vs. Rey Mysterio WH title match

    Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton WWE & IC title match

    C.M. Punk vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Balls Mahony vs. Stevie Richards Extreme Rules ECW World Heavywieght title match

    Matt Hardy vs. MVP U.S. title match

    Mickie James vs. Beth Phoniex vs. Ashley vs. Candice Michelle Fatal 4 Way Bra & Panties Women's title match

    Redneck & Reject vs. Morrison & Miz vs. Benjamin & Burke WWE tag title match

    Finlay vs. Mr. McMahon Custaty for Hornswoggle match

    Kane vs. Batista vs. HBK vs. JBL vs. Umaga vs. Chavo Gurerro vs. Big Daddy V vs. Y2J vs. Kennedy vs. Kofi Kingson MIB match

    Triple H vs. Ric Flair Retairment match

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