Please write essay on my pet?

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  • becca answered 6 years ago
write wat ur pets name is & wat kind of a pet it is like so "i have a pet dog her name is sally."u could say wat type it is "she is a boston terrier." u could also say "ive had her 4 6 years & shes 8 years old. her favorite spot 2 sleep is by my deck doors when the sun shines through. her favorite toy is this chew toy that looks like elmo. i hate elmo & she does 2 cuz we buy her 1 like every week! she loves 2 run & play at r local park, & she just loves 2 go on walks in the rain cuz she likes 2 run through puddles." so just say things she loves 2 eat or chew or wat she likes 2 play. so i hope this helps!


also say things like if u lost ur pet or when she got really sick & almost had 2 b put down or if you have pets or had pets b4 her. stuff like that! i really dont care if u dont have a pet & copyed wat i wrote. OO! & also attach some pics 2 or if ur copin mine some pics that look the same!
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  • GeneL answered 6 years ago
    Just by the mere fact you used the word "essay" tells me it's a school assignment.

    The idea is for your instructor to assess your grasp of the English language, not for your ability to convince others to do your homework.

    Write the essay yourself.
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  • Drongo answered 6 years ago
    Why? Is this homework? How can we write an essay on your pet. We have no idea what your pet is or anything about it. You're being lazy trying to get others to do your work for you (this is ILLEGAL) and you have the rest of the weekend to do it so don't bother saying you have no time.

    Get your act together.
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  • Maris answered 6 years ago
    write your own essay!
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  • Elric of Melnibon√© answered 6 years ago
    Errrrr! Why would you want to write on your pet?
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  • driller_dominique answered 6 years ago
    I won't write an essay for you, but I will give you permission to use content from my website about my pet skunk.

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  • Akmal Zaidi answered 6 years ago
    ok note it this is essay on " my pet"

    This is your pet, this is not my pet beacuse this is your pet so it cant be mine cuase you said this is my pet so how it can be my pet yes ofcurse this is your pet i didnt claime that this is my pet and and no one will say here that this is my pet because you also mention that this is you pet so dont worry this is your pet because you bought it and you paid for it so this is you pet i didnt pay for it so this is not my this you pet.

    is it engoug ;)
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  • Eri answered 6 years ago
    If this is a homework assignment, you really need to do it yourself, especially since nobody on here knows about your pet. Just write your essay describing the looks, activities, and personality of your pet. That would be easy I would assume.
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